Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cattitude At The Gulf Coast Arts Festival

This weekend is the Gulf Coast Arts Festival in Pensacola, Fl.  I convinced the Murph that we should go and eat out for lunch instead of going out last night.  That way we could stay in and watch the LSU vs Alabama game at home and avoid the crowds at the sports bars.  It was surprisingly easy to convince him.

We drove over after our workout and ate lunch at Dharma Blue, a cute little restaurant in a historic old house near the art festival.  The Murph usually doesn't eat lunch so I was very proud of him.  He had the spinach, feta cheese quiche and I had the chicken salad sandwich.  He didn't complain once and said he actually enjoyed the lunch and the art festival.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  The Murph gets a little claustrophobic in crowds though and the festival was crowded.

My favorite painting was this one of the black and white tuxedo cat.  Add a black spot to the side of his nose and it could be my kitty Phantom.  My new word for the sometimes irritating things my cats do - Cattitude.

Before Halloween there were haunted tours of old Pensacola that I had wanted to do.  When I mentioned it to the Murph he just nodded his head like he thought it was a good idea.  After yesterday I now know why we never did the tour.  The Murph told me that he never had planned to do it.  He was pretending just to get me to be quiet about it.  He knew all he had to do was just keep pretending whenever I brought it up and eventually Halloween would be over and I would move on to the next thing and he would be off the hook.  If it doesn't involve beer and sports count the Murph out! (oh and movies too, he says)

My new word for the irritating things the Murph does - Murphitude!


  1. i like cattitude. can't say the same for murphitude! or jonitude...
    the arts fest sounds like fun. you need that painting. tell the murph.

  2. I didn't get the painting. The Murph says these are times for austerity. He has giving me and the kids the "austerity lecture". lol

  3. i know what you mean. uncertain economic times call for "austerity". plus, with commuting back and forth right now, you probably don't need any encumbrances.
    as for us, because we are still in transition (as J says) we are trying to keep our belongings to a minimum.