Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Need A Dog!

My mom sent me this today and it's so true. I've tried to walk Phantom and the picture below is exactly what he does. Also, the cat at 6 a.m. looks and acts so much like Cadence that it's frightening. The Murph and I have had several conversations about this and Cadence doesn't seem to understand he's about to be banished from the bedroom forever. It's going to break his little heathen heart.

our dog's reaction when you get home.

Your cat's reaction when you get home.
Cat waking up.

Dog waking up.
How you know a dog is hungry.

How you know a cat is hungry.
How a dog feels after misbehaving.

How a cat feels after misbehaving.
How a dog feels when you get him a doggie friend.

How a cat feels when you get it a kitty friend.
How a dog steals food.

How a cat steals food.
When a cat annoys a dog.

When a dog annoys a cat.
A dog's reaction to getting wet.

A cat's reaction to getting wet.
A dog's relationship with birds.

A cat's relationship with birds.

Dog's reaction to a walk.

Cat's reaction to a walk.
Cat at 6 a.m.

Dog at 6 a.m.


  1. Ha ha! Pets are great entertainment.

  2. I am DYING LAUGHING!!!! Oh, my mercy daisy! So very true!