Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Orleans Trip And The New Pet Sitter

Mardi Gras mask

Last week was my husband's convention in New Orleans so I tagged along. I love New Orleans and thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some time with the boy who is in school only an hour away.  I didn't realize that it was already Mardi Gras in New Orleans which meant crowds and road closings due to all the parades. Our taxi driver actually had to put us out about three or four blocks from our hotel because of road closings. This wasn't too much of a problem since we didn't have our luggage because the airlines losing it somewhere between Houston and New Orleans. All we had to carry were the carry on bags we had with us and my bag rolls so no problems there.

Because of the rain and the road closings, I discouraged the boy from driving to New Orleans so I wasn't able to see him. That was a drag, but the trip was fun. I got included in the fun parties and while my husband worked I did long runs through the French Quarter and then pigged out on beignets and coffee. The hotel had an awesome gym so I didn't miss a work out. I needed as many workouts as possible due to all the food and alcohol I was consuming.

Me and the Murph

The hotel we stayed in - Hilton Riverside New Orleans

Fog over the Mississippi River - Hilton Riverside New Orleans

Outside Hilton Riverside New Orleans - fog over the Mississippi River

Lining up for a Mardi Gras parade

Outside convention center - New Orleans Mardi Gras

Me outside convention center New Orleans

The Murph

Cafe Du Monde - New Orleans

Outside Cafe Du Monde New Orleans

While we were gone I hired a pet sitter to sit for our three cats. Phantom has to have meds twice a day, fluids every other day and syringe feedings even though he's eating some on his own now. I was very worried about leaving him and within the first 4 hours after leaving I called and left at least three messages on the pet sitter phone. I finally figured out that that was not her cell number which was probably why I didn't hear from her. As soon as I called her cell phone, she answered with, "Well I see you found my cell number". I guess I'm a little overprotective with my cats, but after that somewhat bad start, the pet sitter texted me updates every time she went to the house and also sent me pictures of Phantom playing with cat nip toys she brought for them and chasing laser dots. Apparently, they were getting very spoiled!

Entrance to Jackson Square - New Orleans

Mississippi River - New Orleans

When the Murph and I got home around midnight Monday night, all three cats were, surprisingly, waiting anxiously at the front door, not hiding under the beds as they usually do when they suspect strangers are coming in. I was so happy to see them, but the minute they saw us their little faces dropped. They all looked past us to the front door as if the say, "But where is the other lady? The NICE one that plays with us and brings us toys?"

The nice pet lady had left me a very detailed four page letter of everything she did while she was there, including all meds she was able to get down Phantom (she managed to get down all of them) even though he got mad at her and ran under the bed when he saw her coming with it. He does that to me all the time, especially at bed time when he thinks I will fall to sleep and he can wait me out.  I just leave the meds next to my bed and get up an hour or two later, when he's least expecting it, to give him the meds.

Needless to say, I will definitely hire this lady again to pet sit if she's willing to put up with me. I will, however, suggest she back a little off on all the playing and spoiling she does with the cats because I don't want them to get use to it. I spent the past week with them looking at me, bringing toys to me, judging me. I couldn't live up to the pet sitter in their critical, judgy little eyes.

They seemed to love chasing the dot so much that I've actually considered purchasing a laser pointer...

What's a pet mom to do? I've been judged! Crafty little fur monkeys!


  1. Oh, I love New Orleans, but try to avoid it during Mardi Gras! Looks like you had a wonderful time, and I'm sure your kitties are happy to have you home! Laser dot or not!

    1. I love New Orleans too but couldn't avoid going during Mardi Gras. It was for business. I ended up not getting the laser dot pointer but instead a cardboard scratchy box and some treats.

  2. Cafe du Monde! Now that is a happy place.
    I had to do Mardi Gras every year we lived there. Every. Single. Year. We always had guests, which was truly nice but they must've had a thing for MG. Now that we don't live there anymore, I'm glad I was "forced" to participate every year. I kind of miss the Crescent City sometimes.
    Get a laser pointer thingy...and all will be forgiven (maybe?)