Friday, June 29, 2012

Fashion And Cheap Wine Friday

I don't know about anybody else, but I love Free People clothing especially the summer fashions.  I've had this Free People dress for about three years now and these Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals for at least that long.  The Murph asked why I would want to get a picture of me wearing the sandals since they weren't new.   I couldn't believe he actually said that because it just set him up for all kinds of new shoe arguments.  I mean when a woman of her own free will is wearing three + year old shoes (gladly and proudly) instead of going out and buying new ones, a man should be smart enough not to say anything but maybe, "Hey!  Great shoes!!  I LOVE them!  Are they new???"

See what I mean?

                                      Dress - Free People
                                      Shoes - Kenneth Cole Reaction (old)  :)
                                      Bracelet - David Yurman - find similar here
                                      Sunglasses - Oakley (last photo)

The pool is looking much better after several rounds of algaecide, lots of other chemicals and some vacuuming.   It's still not up to the Running Nazi's standards, but she won't know if she doesn't get to see it.  Right?

Moving onto another very important subject, I have finally found a red wine that I can drink that does not trigger migraines.  I have never been able to drink red wines, especially aged red wines because of this problem and have stayed with white wines, mostly Rieslings.   The guy at the local liquor store, who we call the "Beer Guy" turned me on to this one.  It is very light, sweet, I love it and it's just a mere $6.19!  Seriously though, I wanted to switch to reds for health reasons (of course).  Who wouldn't want the anti-aging benefits of resveratrol found in red wines?  Even cheap red wines!

You can find it here.

As I was trying to find the best spot take a picture of this oh so classy bottle of wine, I didn't notice a certain other something in both of the photos.  I moved the bottle from the counter to the table and somehow the demanding cat ended up in both pictures.  He's a fast, sneaky little bastard who fully appreciates a cheap bottle of red wine.  And kitty Party Mix.

The Beer guy told me I probably wouldn't want to tell any of my wine snob friends that I drink this stuff so if you should want to try it, I would suggest the same for you.

 It's our little secret!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ahhh! The Boy Wants One Of These

This baby cheetah is very, very cute, but I have to veto getting one for the Boy.  Four regular domestic cats are three too many (some of you might say 4 too many) although if we did get one of these it would more than likely finish off all the other cats as well as us.

The Boy says we would be fine as long as we kept it fed.  Not taking any chances!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chelating Green Smoothie

I recently got a heavy metal test on my hair and found that I have 3x the high level of mercury. That means there is a level that is considered high (most people apparently have traces of heavy metals) and I am 3x over that limit.   It was recommended that I chelate (remove) the mercury and they gave me some natural ways to do it.   My level of lead was also a tad bit high.  I was surprised when they suggested the herb Cilantro, which is used in salsa and other Mexican dishes.  I did some research and was surprised at all the benefits of this herb.  The benefits of cilantro can be found here.

I had heard about the green smoothie fad that's been going around with Kale being one of the main ingredients. Read more about the benefits of kale here  The Murph and I had talked about buying kale and creating our own smoothie concoction with it.  The Murph drinks his smoothie concoction every day and I have my standard one when I'm training long and need additional calories and protein.  However, none of these smoothies had anything green in it.  When I found out about my high mercury levels I immediately decided to do something about it.

Yesterday I created my own personalized green smoothie using Kale, 1/2 Banana, Cilantro, small slice of Avocado, Apple slices, Pear slice, Cranberry juice, 1/2 scoop Protein powder.

I have to say it wasn't that tasty.  I used way to much Cilantro and threw the stems and all in the smoothie.  Not good.  Today I put less cilantro and made sure I only included the leaves not the stem and I added a small amount of Turmeric and Cinnamon.  I added a full scoop of protein powder and some cranberry juice with 1/2 banana and pear slices and a slice of avocado.

You can also put spinach and different seeds (flaxseed, chia seed) in the smoothie. The Murph always puts flax seeds in his smoothie, as well as chili powder and ginger root.

Then Dr. Oz had his green smoothie recipe in last months People magazine.  There was an entire article on his 2 day detox program which included two different kinds of smoothies, green and berry, as well as a recipe for detox vegetable soup.  He used pineapple in his green smoothie.

Here's my final product and it was delicious.  Well, delicious for a green smoothie with a strong herb such as cilantro.  I am going to keep doing this at least 5 days a week minimum in hopes that it will chelate the mercury in my body.  I am also thinking about removing the silver filling in my tooth and replacing it with the white ones.  I only have one silver one left because all the others I got as a child have been replaced with white ones.  I am not really sure how I got such high levels of mercury in my body or how long it's been that high.  That's something I will probably never know.  Three times over the high limit is way too high not to take action though.

We just ordered some Chlorella, a green algae super food, that aids the cilantro in heavy metal removal and  NAC- N acetyl cysteine,  which also helps remove toxins from the body.  Using NAC was suggested in my hair report.  Chlorella I came across on my own.  I am also taking a garlic supplement because I read an article that says it is suppose to aid the cilantro and the chlorella in the removal of the  heavy metals.

Now I just have to get the Boy to drink one of these things.  He doesn't eat enough green vegetables and has trouble swallowing multi-vitamins.  This is a great way for him to get his daily servings of fruits and vegetables and I can customize it for him any way he likes or whatever I think he needs.  I've done this before when he was really stressed out in high school.  I added some botanical stress relief drops from GNC, a powder multi-vitamin from GNC to make sure he was getting enough B vitamins and vitamin C, some fruit- banana and strawberries,  protein powder and yogurt.  He really liked it.  I hope he will drink a smoothie that has leafy greens in it.

I feel better already after only two green smoothies. It's a great way to get nutrients.  My skin looks better and I have more energy.  I hope I am removing some of the high levels of mercury in my body as well and that the NAC will help my asthma and lung health as it is chelating!

Either way, eating more green, leafy vegetables is probably not a bad thing.

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor or nutritionist or even close, but I self diagnose all the time.   I don't even like doctors very much right now after what happened to me last week.   This post is just my ideas and opinions on what I like and use.  You're on your own if should decide to try any of these smoothie/supplement ideas. Please don't hold me responsible in any way.   Good luck!

May cause gas or green skin.  Does not taste as good as cookies or donuts.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Cat Bad Cat

This is Ed, the sweet cat.  He is very unspoiled and unassuming.  Look how precious he is sleeping on his little window seat.  Notice his little NY Mets pillow.  He's for the right team.  The Murph's trained him well.  See how sweet!!

Cadence on the other hand, not so sweet.  Very spoiled!  This his what the little rascal does to me EVERY single time I walk into the kitchen.  You'd think I starve him to death the way he demands treats all the time.  And he wasn't even being as demanding in this video as he usually is because he didn't like me pointing the camera at him.

Sunday, June 24, 2012



Bad-tempered, argumentative, and uncooperative.

This has been the word of the week at our house.  Actually, it has been the word of the past two weeks.  Mostly because I haven't felt well and I get a little irritable when I don't feel well.  The Murph has called me cantankerous all week.  And had fun doing it too!   He can see it in my face when I start getting irritable even though I try to fake that I'm not irritable because I don't like him being right all the time.

After the really bad episode at the doctor's office, I went home and was pretty desperate for meds.  I knew there were some expired antibiotics in the cabinet but was afraid to use them because I didn't want to take a chance on having super hero strength bacteria floating around in my body because they were able to resist a weakened antibiotic.

All bets were off when I got home from the doctor.  I was miserable and afraid to get accosted by another quack.  I have an appointment with a new pulmonary specialist in July so I just have to make it until then.  I don't trust any other doctors right now so there was only one desperate thing left to do.  Take the expired antibiotics.

After just one I immediately felt better.  So far everything is good.  I've had three and was even able to run long with the Running Nazi this morning.  I felt weak but was able to run 10 miles.  

This morning I wasn't the one being cantankerous.  The Running Nazi, let's just say, was not her normal self.  She was as cantankerous as hell!  I was so glad I had the perfect word to describe her.  (not to her face of course!)
Lemon balm - perfect for cantankerous behavior
I can only imagine what caused her cantankerous behavior.  I'm sure it has something to do with the fact she just started a new job a few weeks ago and she's had to be up by 4 a.m every week day morning and goes non-stop until close to midnight with lots of traveling.  She's only home on the weekends and has hardly any time to do anything much less work out.  Yep, it's no wonder she was cantankerous.

This particular cantankerous episode was (I think) directed at me somehow although she pretended it was the Murph.  Or rather the Murph's swimming pool.   Since neither the Murph nor I are working right now (this is temporary) and we have plenty of time to work out and stuff and I think she's a little huffy about that.  She asked me last week if I wanted to be her assistant and work maybe 10 hours a week making calls and computer "stuff".  She was all vague about exactly what I would have to do and that had me suspicious right away.  She can be pretty sneaky!

Anyway, the Murph and I decided that we are going to wait until the Fall to think about jobs again so I told her if she still needed someone in the Fall I would consider it.  I think that is what started all her cantankerousness because the next thing I know she asked me if we'd "fixed" the pool yet.  I told her the Murph had the water tested and it came back ok and all he needed was a little something to make the water less alkaline.  The water is anything but clear but the Murph insists that one of the filters isn't working and then there's that yellow gunk that I think is algae but the Murph says he knows what he's doing and he gets all defensive when I say anything negative about his pool or his pool handling skills.  So I keep my mouth shut.

The Running Nazi then launches into a blast about how easy pool care is and her pool is always crystal clear (and it is) despite the fact she works all the time and is never home. She told me what she thought the Murph needed to do and she didn't understand why since neither one of us work, how we couldn't somehow keep our pool clear and if something was wrong with the filtering system, why didn't the Murph get it repaired.   It was then that I had a feeling this was not about how clear our pool was.

I told her the Murph says the pool is clean, just not clear, and she said we should not get in the pool because we can get impetigo.  Then I told her the Murph says the pool is cleaner than a lake and people swim in lakes all the time and she said you can get impetigo in a lake too.  I agreed that the water didn't look too healthy and the Murph stands in it all the time.  I told him he was going to get a fungus on his privates if he didn't watch out.  He wasn't too concerned.  I don't get in the pool at all except on a float and I try not to touch the water.

After the little cantankerous tirade the Running Nazi apologized, said it really wasn't her business and she was just tired and irritable and she wouldn't blame me if I was mad at her because she would be mad if I had said those things to her.

I wasn't mad at all.  In fact, it was rather amusing.  I love it when I have companionship in my cantankerousness. It's even better when someone else is more cantankerous than me.  

When I got home I told the Murph some if the conversation.  I asked him if he ever back washed the pool (she told me that's what you're suppose to do and I wasn't sure the Murph's done that in a while).  He scoffed and said he KNEW how to take care of the pool.   I told him that the Running Nazi said it was easy to take care of a pool and her pool was always clear and that she said her two brother's had pools and theirs were always clear and had waterfalls too!

He said I didn't know what I was talking about.  He's the pool expert.

                                 The Running Nazi's Pool

                                            Our Pool

After I told him all this, he suddenly decided to put some chemicals in the pool (cement pond).  He said he "melted the pool" just now and threw in a sh**t load of algaecide and stirred it up and shocked it really good and oh yea, he sarcastically said he "learned how to backwash".  

None of this will probably work.  The pool's a hot mess!  (that was our last word of the week before cantankerous)

Beach Trip Postponed

Looks like little Debby disrupted our beach plans for the week.  That would be Tropical Storm Debby.  We had planned to go down to Pensacola Beach on Thursday which changed to Friday then this thing started developing in the Gulf and now our trip is a no go.  So much for fresh seafood and working on my tan.  The Boy's surprisingly upset which I don't understand because he hates the beach and spends the entire time in the condo sleeping, eating or on his computer.  Which is the same exact thing he does at home.  Go figure!

This was a couple of days ago when Debby was just a Tropical Depression.  Now she's stronger and churning up some trouble in the Gulf of Mexico.  She's such a bitch!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

No More Sinus X-Rays!

This morning after working out I headed over to the local jack in the box doctor's office to get some relief for my coughing.  My head was about to explode, my neck was stiff and I had this really unpleasant dry, hacking cough.  My usual products weren't clearing it up one bit.

I am totally a baby and didn't want to go by myself so I convinced the Murph to stop over with me directly from working out instead of going home first.  I told him we would just see how crowded it was.  The lobby was almost empty when we walked in so the Murph was trapped.

I stayed and filled out all the paper work and waited to be called back.  I had already told the Murph that the last time I went there with the same symptoms,  the doctor made me get a sinus x-ray even though there was nothing wrong with my sinuses and I had told the doctor that.  I was coughing.  It was my lungs!

I hoped I would not get that same doctor.  It was the only time I had ever seen him and I have been to this place several times over the years.  Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky today.

They called me back and it was HIM!  Ugh!!  Before he came in the room, the Murph and I decided I was NOT getting any x-rays.   They were unnecessary, especially the sinus one.

Of course, the doctor didn't agree.  I explained to him my symptoms and the first thing he asks me was, "What about your sinuses?  Do you have any drainage?"  I knew where THAT was going!

Me, "No, my sinuses are fine.  No drainage.  It's my chest."

He listened to my lungs and they sounded clear.  This whole asthma thing is weird, but all I know is I usually need a steroid shot when I have these episodes.  That always clears it up and maybe some antibiotics to top things off.

The doctor decided I needed a chest x-ray and a sinus x-ray.  After a small debate, I gave in and went to get the x-rays.  The x-ray girl did 2 x-rays of my chest and was about to do the sinus one when she noticed I had hair pins in my hair, ear rings on, sunglasses on top of my head...  She told me I needed to take them all off.  I said "Look, I really don't need this sinus x-ray.  Can't the doctor just look at the chest ones and if there's nothing there then I will do a sinus one?"

She said, "I will call him.  We can't make you do an x-ray if you don't want one."

Heck no, I didn't want a totally unnecessary x-ray to my face.  And I was feeling like major crap by this time too.

The x-ray girl told me that the doctor said everything was ok and to go back to the room.  I went back to the room and the doctor refused to treat me or even look at my chest x-ray since I was refusing to do a sinus x-ray.  Once more I told him, "THERE"S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY SINUSES!"

I could go in with a bladder infection or some sort of other female issue and I can just imagine him saying, "Well that's all good, but first we are going to have to do a sinus x-ray."

Or I could go in with a foot fungus and he would still insist, "We are going to get an x-ray of those sinuses before I look at that fungus."

Or I could be giving birth and he would still say, "Hold that thing in until I get this sinus x-ray!"

What a doofus!  I have ZERO tolerance for doofus these days.

I was so sick and upset at that point and basically he was refusing to treat me and I was refusing to submit to a sinus x-ray so The Murph and I just left.  My chest was totally radiated for absolutely no freaking reason and I got no treatment at all.

I have already decided to file a complaint against this moron doctor.  I wonder how many sinus x-rays he subjects patients to in a day?  For no reason whatsoever!

The last time I went along with his sinus x-ray fetish, my sinuses were fine, of course (like I told him) and he gave me a steroid shot and some antibiotics and sent my on my way (which he could've done without the stupid x-ray).  Last time he didn't even x-ray my lungs and the entire reason I was there was for a cough and chest tightness.   And he x-rays my sinuses!!

In a weird backward sort of way, this kind of helps me understand what the Boy must be going through when he goes to the doctor and doesn't understand why the heck he has to be subjected to some of the things we consider "routine".

I don't know, but x-rays should NEVER be routine.  I understand the need for a chest x-ray for me with the symptoms I had, but not a sinus one.  I've been going to doctors with this same issue off and on for over 10 years and this was a first.  (well, second if you count the last time I saw this lame doctor).

I may or may not have called him a jerk off as I was going out the door.

And now my mom keeps emailing me asking how it went at the doctor's office.  I told her she doesn't want to know.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This past week I have been looking around wedding/bride web sites trying to decide on wedding invitations, head wear, jewelry, etc.  I have found some things I like, but really am just more confused than ever!  My favorite wedding blog is by Bride Chic.  She always has such beautiful dresses and pictures on her blog.  Some really great ideas.  She recently did a post for Onewed on bridal head pieces and veils.  Here is the post by Bride Chic on Onewed.  I really love the head piece below but don't know if  1. I could pull it off (I'm not 20!) and 2. it would go with my dress.  

Hopefully, we will be able to set a date and get married soon because the more I browse the Internet, the more confused I get.  There are just too many cute options!!  Here are some of my favs.

romantic wedding head piece fascinator with feathers
Batcakes Couture
Laura Jayne Couture Accessories
Feather Fascinator, True White, Birdcage Veil, Silk Hair Flower, Bridal Fascinator, Blusher Veil, Pearl, Crystal Center, Batcakes Couture
I think this is a close up of the first pic.  Not sure, but I love it!

Wedding Hair, Rhinestone tiara with flowers and ivory pearls, wedding tiara
BeSomethin new on Etsy

Love both of these cakes especially the one on the left.
Alabama Weddings Magazine
Love the sparkly cake on the left above!

Covered Swarovski Crystal Monogram Wedding Cake Top
Another option for the cake topper -Simply Beautiful.

I really love these invitations, but they might be a little too expensive.  Since we are having a small wedding and don't need many it might be an option.  There are just so many really attractive invitations available now.  Yikes!

Karen Bartolomei for Grapevine

Other than that I have been totally sick with this asthma/pneumonia or whatever thing that's going on in my chest.  I am going to have to just give it up and go to the doctor because it doesn't seem to want to clear up by itself despite advair, mucinex, claritin, and singulair.  I think I would have pulled through all right if I didn't keep having anxiety attacks which seems to have some connection with my asthma and breathing.

What's even more amazing is the anxiety attacks are have nothing to do with having to deal with the Boy's Asperger's or anything related to Asperger's and it also does not have anything to do with wedding planning, racing or my relationship with the Murph.  That's all good!  

This is actually the first time I've had back to back attacks and the first time my inhaler doesn't seem to help and I can't control it on my own.

I feel like crap.  <sigh>

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Runners Will Run For Beer

I don't remember if this is my race number from the Pensacola marathon in November or from one of the half marathons I did in Pensacola last Fall and Winter.

 I found it (of all places) in the trash can in the Murph's office (man cave) the other day.   I immediately rescued it and pulled it out of the trash because I save these things.  I'm planning on covering an entire wall with all my race numbers and crap when we move.

These things are valuable!

The Boy saw the number and questioned why there are three beer coupons and only one food coupon. He has a lot to learn about races!  Everybody knows that runners run for beer!  If the race officials offered three food coupons and only one beer coupon, nobody would show up.

What I don't understand is why are all the coupons still attached to my number?  This could only mean that I must not have shown up.

I missed out on three cups of beer and some free food at one of those races!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Tour de Finance (Not To Be Confused With Tour de France)

I ventured away from my favorite OPI nail color "It's All About Me" last week and used this Essie color called "Tour de Finance."  I know!  Very boring name, but I assure you it is not a boring color!  "Tour de France" would have been a little more exciting.

I originally was looking for Essie Poppy-Razzi "Lights", which is a neon pink color that I thought would look great with a tan when I go back to the beach.  They didn't have that color, but I did find "Tour de Finance" which is a part of Essie's Spring 2012 collection.  It is fuchsia with a little shimmer.  I LOVE it!

I took it to the nail place last week and got a manicure and pedicure with it.  I am still on the look out for Essie Poppy-Razzi "Lights" before the end of summer.

I've also been snacking on these today.  I'm only eating them because they are a good source of calcium.  Honest!

And the new nail color looks amazing with the animal cracker....

See - "Good Source of CALCIUM".

Essie "Tour de Finance" looks great on the toes too.  So happy my toenails have grown back!

This is not an upside down, empty water bottle growing hair out of the sides.  This is actually a picture of the Boy (who still doesn't have a job) hiding behind an upside down, empty water bottle because he doesn't like having his picture taken.

He's also eaten a good bit of the animal crackers (pigging out!) so if you're wondering where all those animal crackers went, I just want you to know, I wasn't the only one eating them.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What About That Kona Slot Lance?

Dear Lance,

It really makes me sad that you have been most likely lying all these years about using performance enhancing drugs.   I  was one of those who felt that if you did use drugs, then it would have shown up in blood tests all these years.  I didn't really understand why the anti-doping agency kept harassing you.  I am still very angry at them for being so mean to you, even now.   I had faith in you, Lance.  You were my hero.

Unfortunately, I have doubts now.  Well, I had doubts back then, but a negative test is a negative test, right?  And if you said you weren't using drugs you weren't using them, right?  

Wrong!  Apparently you used drugs to mask the fact that you were using enhancing drugs.  Is this true, Lance??  Say it isn't so, Lance!!

I am very disappointed, Lance.  And to think I just got an email from you a couple of days ago inviting me and a guest to come ride with you in Austin. Remember sending this to me, Lance?

      Dear Kristy,
      We’re organizing the biggest bike ride Austin’s ever seen, and I want you to be there      
      with me.  If you register by June 24, you and a friend could help lead off the Team
      LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin with me on the starting line.
      Register for any Team LIVESTRONG event today and you and a guest could ride        with me in Austin.

      See you at the starting line.

And what about that chance to race with you at the Ironman World Championship in Kona this October?  For a mere minimum starting bid of $40,000, I was offered a slot in the race, a new bike, hotel accommodations and a training ride with you.

Of course, you realize I could've gotten one of those Kona-Inspired racing slots for free if you had just voted for me and shared my awesome video with all your followers.  It may sound like I'm a little bitter about that, but I'm really, really not.  I'm good.  Really!

Well Lance, looks like neither one of us will be at the start line in Kona this year, but it least I get some complimentary Yurbuds.

What did you get?

Yours truly,


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Looks Like Lance Is Going Down! Good Thing We've Got Ryan!

I'm sure all of you have heard by now about Lance Armstrong's doping accusation.  Here is the letter that was supposedly sent to him by USADA.

Looks like Lance is going down!  Good thing we have Ryan Gosling on our side!

Thanks, of course to Sunday Stillwell at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood! 

Totally Innocent!

Yesterday the Murph had to go outside.  He reminded me to keep an eye on Phantom who usually tries to go after Ed or Boo.  I was just a little distracted and forgot to keep an eye on Phantom for a few minutes while I was on the computer.

When the Murph came back inside he asked me where Ed was.  I wasn't sure where any of the cats were except Phantom, who had just laid on the floor next to me.

The Murph finally found poor Ed squeezed in under this piece of furniture trembling with fear.  Only his feet visible.

I was reprimanded for not being a better body guard for Ed.

Cadence saw Ed hiding under there and looked like "Whoa, what are you doing under there dude?"

"Dude, you're all scrunched up!  That's gotta hurt!"

And Phantom was all like "Whaaat???  Don't look at me.  I've been laying here the entire time.  Ed who??"

"I'm totally innocent man! "

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive Triathlete Behavior- Part 2

Finish line
Just in case you didn't get enough of the post on my bitching about The Murph blowing off my need to get the "best" parking spot at the race last Saturday, here's part 2 of my obsessive compulsive behavior when it comes to racing.  This one involves the swim.

For most triathletes, routines are just good thing to have to be prepared and relaxed on race day.  For me it gets a little obsessive compulsive because I tend to get overly upset when my routine gets screwed up in any way.  A little flexibility would be good in those situations.

This is when the line of who has Asperger's, me or my son, gets a little blurry.  I don't have Asperger's, but can so totally relate when it comes to routines.  I haven't had a full blown melt down yet because I can usually blow off steam by general bitching about whatever it is I don't like.

In the race I did Saturday, the swim start is by your race number.  Everybody lines up numerically and goes in the water one at a time.  Your number is usually based on your estimated swim time that you use to register for the race.  This has been a source of anxiety for me since I started doing this race in 1999.

Egg Heads!
It is great for beginners because they avoid the rush of 100's of swimmers entering the water at the same time and kicking you in the face or swimming over you, but it's not good for me.  Standing in line very long is just not good.  My swim time is generally slow so I always put a faster number on the registration form so I won't have to wait at the back of the line and get in the water last.

Unfortunately, since I registered late I didn't get the benefit of being lined up by swim time.  Not only that, but I was in the 400's getting in the water.  I thought maybe I could get the race director to bump me up so I could get in the water sooner.  I've done this before.  I had even mentioned the fact that I was going to do just that to L that morning, who's husband J was doing the race and I've raced with them for years.

I looked over and both L and J were looking at me waiting to see if I was going to approach T, the race director as she was getting everybody lined up and in the water.  I hesitated.  I hovered nearby but was a little scared to approach her.  She was probably deliberately ignoring me because she knows I pull this stunt every year and she probably knows I lie about my swim time.

Lined up for the swim...
Finally, I gave up and walked over to L and J, who was in the 400's as well.  L then told me that J tried to get bumped up last year and T made an example of him for registering late and wouldn't let him bump up.    Poor J.  He looked beat!  I was glad I didn't attempt it and a little miffed that L didn't tell me that earlier when I first told her I was going to try to get bumped up. I didn't do the race last year and things have apparently changed.

L and J were waiting to see if I was going to get blasted down by T and made an example too!!

I am kind of proud of myself that I stayed within my number and was over 400 in the water with 100's of beginners doing the back stroke, floating on their backs and hanging onto the buoys in front of me.  People if you can't freestyle it for 400 yds maybe you should reconsider till next year!  Just sayin!  I can't tell you how many back strokers I almost swam up on, face to face, up close and personal.

I learned how to swim freestyle in my thirties by reading a book on master swimming and getting in the pool when nobody was around.  I was slow, but between March and the June race day, I built up to being able to swim over 600 yds freestyle straight.  No back stroke or back floating.  If I can do it anybody can.

A couple of years ago, I would not have been able to handle not being one of the first 100 in the water.  Just couldn't do it.  My entire race would have been ruined.

This year I spent the night before the race obsessing over it and the morning of the race thinking up strategies on how to convince T to bump me up, but being the chicken that I am,  I ended up not doing anything and hallelujah, I survived it!

I survived!!!

The End.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Pre-Race Carb Dinners Should Be "Pre-Race" Only

Penne Chicken Ala Vodka

I've gained over 3 pounds since Friday despite racing on Saturday and then running 10 miles on Sunday.  Maybe more, but I've stayed away from the scale today.

I believe the penne chicken ala vodka that The Murph made for me for my pre-race carb dinner is the culprit.

The Murph's comment was, "You were feasting on that shit man!"

Not only did I have a plate full of this stuff on Friday night (pre-race), but I had huge plate fulls of leftovers on Saturday and Sunday.

I 've had enough carbs the past three days to have enough glycogen stores to do back to back Ironman/Marathon/Marathon/sprint tri/5k run without running out of fuel.  Ok, that's exaggerating, but I'm feeling a little bloaty right about now.  Think I'll stay away from pasta for a while.

The Murph does make the best chicken ala vodka in the world.  No exaggerating.   He copied it from my favorite dish at Bellini's, a local restaurant here in Birmingham owned by a guy who I swear looks like Newman on Seinfeld.  Kind of freaky!  Bellini's also has the best pomegranate martini ever as well as the best penne chicken ala vodka ever - second only to The Murph.