Friday, March 1, 2013

It's March 1 And You Know What That Means!

It's the beginning of a new month and time for a new yoga kitty pose!  Introducing Ms. Yoga Kitty March doing a cat cow pose variation.

This cat cow pose is good for lower back pain which I have been suffering from the past several months.  I should have been doing this pose, but who knew!  I'm learning a new yoga pose every month when I turn the calendar page.  I'll add this one to my regular routine for sure.  Ha!

Here's more on how to do it plus the variation that Ms. March is doing in the calendar shoot.  The above variation starts about about 3 minutes into the you tube video for you more advanced yoga folks.  I'm not included in that group so I think I'll stick with the basic cat cow pose for now.

Here are some cats who will not be doing any yoga poses.

Cadence:  Yoga pose?  You'll have to come get me first!  Dare you!
Phantom:  Don't even think of trying any of that yoga stuff on me.  I'll
destroy your laptop cord. Go ahead.  Try me!
Ed:  Yoga!  Here's what I think about yoga!

They don't like posing for the camera either.  They would never make it to calendar fame.  They are not flexible and they have no talent.

We love them anyway!


  1. That's quite the calendar, and very unique. I had no idea that cat yoga even existed. I have Marilyn Monroe calendar this year, but last year was Shaun of the dead.

    1. I have my suspicions on the cat yoga. I think maybe those images are photoshopped! I like Marilyn Monroe. Never heard of Shaun of the dead.

  2. Hilarious. I'll have to show this to J. I believe he shares Ed's sentiment.