Monday, September 3, 2012

Bed Bugs

I was sound asleep last night when suddenly around 1:30 a.m. my cell phone started ringing from the kitchen.  It woke me up immediately.   My first thought was who the heck would be calling me at 1:30 in the morning.  My second thought was, it was probably The Boy because to someone who has their days and nights all mixed up, 1:30 in the morning is the same as 1:30 in the afternoon.  No difference to them.

I stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen to grab my phone.  Sure enough, it's The Boy calling from school.

I answered the phone a little concerned, but also aware of The Boy's mixed up day and night issues and his total lack of awareness for other people's need to sleep.  I was honestly half asleep when I answered the phone,  but I think our conversation went something like this....

Me:  Hello

The Boy:  Hey!

Me:  Are you okay??  It's 1:30 in the morning...

The Boy:  No, not really.  I'm really not okay...

Me:  (suddenly wide awake and starting to panic)  What is it??  What's wrong???

The Boy:  I think I've got bed bugs.  They are biting me.

Me:  Bed bugs????

The Boy:  Yes, and that's not all,  I've got acne really, really bad.  It's all over my chest.  You need to do something.  You need to do something NOW!

Me:  You think the bed bugs gave you acne???

The Boy:  No mom!  Two different things!  Two different things that don't have anything to do with the other.  Bed bugs and acne.  Somethings biting me.  You need to do something!

Me:  What am I suppose to do??  I'm 4 hours away.  It's almost 2 in the morning.  I've got bed bug/flea spray here but that's not going to do you any good there and we won't be down there until next week.  You need to do something before then.

For the next 30 minutes, at 2 a.m. in the morning, I had to explain to The Boy what to do.  He was clueless!

Number one was to call the landlord of his apartment and get them to do something about those bed bugs immediately!  Nasty!!  I have a feeling from the weird, cloroxy smell of the mattress when we moved him in that the apartment, landlord knew something about those bed bugs.

Number two is to go to the student health building and get treated for the acne.  Acne that I'm not so sure isn't really bed bug bites after googling pictures from the Internet.

I have a feeling that I'm going to have to give that apartment landlord a little call.  There's no excuse to put students through that.  They charge way too much for that.  The Boy was in a small, ugly, concrete dorm room last year that was less expensive, but had no bed bugs whatsoever.  This apartment has had one problem after another.  Toilet broken, microwave oven door broken, hot water heater not working...

They've had to call for one thing after another since they moved in a couple of weeks ago.

After getting off the phone with The Boy, I went back to bed, suddenly feeling kind of itchy from all the bed bug talk.  Cadence had gotten all hyper and chased Ed under the table while I was on the phone.  I had to discipline him.  So when I went back to bed he was all purry and in my face.

Then it started raining heavily, which means the roof by the fireplace started to leak, so I had to put a towel down.

By then The Murph had woken up and was wanting to know what was going on out there.   I told him that The Boy has bed bugs and acne.  At 2 in the morning.  The roof is leaking and Ed's hiding under the table scared.  Other than that, things are just great.

The Murph mumbled, "oh, is that all...".  He then rolled over and went back to sleep.


  1. Way to take it in stride. I might have started to panic if Jacob called me like that. His landlord should take care of the bed bugs, though I've heard they're tough to get rid of. So much for focusing on school.

    1. i'm not even sure he has bed bugs. It could even be possible he took fleas back with him from our cat. He hasn't seen any type of bug though. Strange! I have mixed feelings about these new living arrangements for him.

  2. Ugh!
    There's a spray for bed bugs? Not that I've ever had them!

    1. There is a spray. When I had to get flea spray to spray the areas the cats hang out, the spray was also for bed bugs. Personally I think the apartment complex should get The Boy an entirely new mattress and throw out the icky one. Glad he has a plastic mattress cover on it!

  3. Haha! Not about the bedbugs but I love how your talk went. That sounds like a conversation I would have with my TY. :)

    1. The good thing is that it isn't bed bugs. The bad thing is it's fleas. They have actually seen one. They think the fleas are in the carpet. Better the carpet than the bed!!

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