Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boy Genius

Whenever I come across anything on computers, technology or asperger's that I think The Boy might be interested in reading, I will email or skype him the link to the article, blog, whatever it happens to be.  This morning I was reading and came across a blog that had a link to an article on the "9 Ways Geeks Have Inherited The Earth".  I thought it was a cool and accurate article on the ways technology has impacted every one's lives and most of this technology has been invented by "Geeks".

 The article stated that "Geeks are behind the wealthiest companies in the world." I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day the Boy will be behind one of those companies.  Geeks rule!  I wish I were a Geek, but I still screw up my html code whenever I try to copy and paste pictures on my blog.  I made a D in the only computer class I ever took in college.  (One class was plenty to let me know that wasn't my field).  I don't even know how to get my printer to work when I try to print wirelessly from my lap top.  I thought The Boy would love the article, but instead I get something that went like this:

Me: (sending the link to the boy along with this note)  Interesting article I thought you would like to read

A few minutes later The Boy skypes this back to me......

The Boy: A bunch of bull crap

Me: So Geeks don't rule??

The Boy: They missed a lot of major details

The Boy: and they used a lot of words incorrectly

The Boy: It sounded like someone in high school wrote it...

Me: It came from a blog

The Boy: hmm...

 The Boy: They will let anyone write anything these days...

The Boy: Whatever happened to having to get your papers published before people can read it...

The Boy: it got rid of all the idiots out there

Me: It's a freedom of speech country (and writing)

The Boy: Just because they say it doesn't mean anyone should listen

Me: What did u say.....      

Sometimes saying less is best with The Boy.  From now on if he gets all smarty pants with me or says stuff I don't like, I'm just going to pretend I don't hear him.  After all, he's given me permission now not to listen.  I don't have too!   I think all those good grades in writing are going to his head.  We've always known he was a computer genius, but now a great writer too.  Before long he really is going to be a "know it all".  We're getting our money's worth at that college.   Who can stand it??

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Favorite Oscar Night Fashions

Last night The Murph gave up control of the tv remote so I could watch all the fashion at the Oscars.  My favorite dress of the night was the white, sparkly Elie Saab dress worn by Milla Jovovich.  I would love to wear that as my wedding dress.  Beautiful!  However, I already have a Reem Acra dress picked out that is very, very nice too.   I liked Cameron Diaz's Gucci dress and Angelina's black Versace.  Those three were my top picks of the night.  Too bad we couldn't see a little more shoe action.  Would love to have seen more shoes.

All the talk today has been on Angelina's right leg and J Lo's nip slip.  I love Angelina, but I did think that walk was a little strange and the sticking out leg pose thing was odd.  As for J Lo, I liked her dress and the designer stated that there was no slippage, just an optical allusion.  I don't know...  looked like slippage to me, but just a slight hint of slippage.  The leg and the slippage were the most exciting things that happened last night unless you count the kiss George gave Billy. You can follow Angelina's leg and J Lo's nips on Twitter now if that's something you would want to do.  I'll pass.

I was really excited about Alabama native, Octavia Spencer winning supporting actress for her role in "The Help".  I loved the book and the movie and was thrilled that a fellow Alabamian won the Oscar last night.  I liked her dress too, although it wasn't a style I personally would wear.   Tonight we're back to Hockey.  Go New York Rangers!  (that's for the Murph)

Also, great news from The Boy from college.  He made a B+ on his English paper and a 93 in his Information Technology class.  Could he possibly make a 3.7 GPA this semester?  I sure hope so!  He is working on a speech for his public speaking class now.  He skyped me a couple of hours ago trying to con me into doing the outline for him.  Sorry, but he is very capable of doing it on his own.  I always help by proofreading, but that's about it.  He is has become a very good writer this year after spending most of high school struggling with writing.  Or maybe just trying to get somebody else to do it for him...
My Favorite Dress From Oscar Night
pic from stylefrizz.com

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Run Love

I finally received these Runlove Compression socks after much anticipation.  They matched my Brooks running shoes perfectly.  I bought a pink pair as well, but they are on backorder.  I hope they arrive before the marathon in a couple of weeks.  I am thinking about wearing them during the race unless it is really hot and humid.  I don't think I've ever been so excited about buying socks before.  It's probably because I have cut down on spending this month and am trying my best to be good.  It's hard not to shop especially when I need to replenish my beauty/skincare/haircare supplies.  February is thankfully almost over and I've been pretty good.  It does feel good to use things you already have instead of going out and buying things you don't really need.

On the top of my list to purchase next month will be my Obage C Clarifying serum.  I ran out a couple of weeks ago and switched back to some Estee Lauder Perfectionist serum that I had laying around in the bathroom cabinet and never used up.  I'm also out of my Frederic Fekkai protein shampoo and have been temporarily using a drug store brand shampoo.  I hate it!  I love FF Protein Rx shampoo and conditioner.  I have plenty of conditioner left, but no shampoo.   Funny how I almost never run out of conditioner, but the shampoo disappears like magic.  The credit card feels very neglected, but my sore, beat up calves are very happy and I am slowly cleaning out the bathroom cabinets.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Jazz Cat's Happy Mardi Gras

The Jazz Cats partied all night last night in honor of  Fat Tuesday.  Ed and Phantom even wore their Mardi Gras masks for the occasion.    Boo took one look at the mask ran for his life.  Cadence, yeah right, him wear a mask?  No way!

After all the fun and merriment last night, today they are ready to give up hair balls for Lent.

What will you give up for Lent?

Ken and I are undecided.

No animals were harmed in the shooting of these photos.  The only casualty was one sparkly Mardi Gras mask.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Beam Me Up, Scotty"

I put this outfit on yesterday and when Ken sees me wearing it the first thing he says is "Beam me up, Scotty," the famous quote from Star Trek.  This somehow reminds him of what Spock and Captain Kirk were wearing in the shows.  Kind of a stretch I think, but Ken had fun with it as we ran our errands yesterday.  Everywhere we went I heard "Beam me up, Scotty!"  

I actually bought this dress from Bebe's about two years ago.  Either I've gotten bigger or it has shrunk so now I wear leggings under it unless I'm at the beach.  The leggings came from Cache, BCBG shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue and Louis Vuitton handbag and sunglasses, also purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue.

"Beam Me Up, Scotty!"

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cowboy Phantom

He doesn't look very happy to be wearing a pink Cowboy hat, does he?



I have been wearing these new Missoni over the knee socks whenever I can since they were delivered last week.  No, they aren't compression socks, but they are much cuter and just as comfortable.  I got three pairs of them from Zappos last week and love them.  I am even thinking of getting some pink ones as well.  I bought them to wear under the Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots I recently purchased online from Free People.  Didn't really think I would wear them all that much otherwise, but they are great to hang around the house in when I'm not in the compression socks.

The Running Nazi and I did our long run yesterday morning in the cold rain.  Thirteen miles in the dreary cold at 6:30 a.m. so she could get to work by 10:30.  We were out there for 2 1/2 hours and were soaking wet by the time we finished. The only ones out there running in that weather were the hard core runners and the freakishly insane.  While The Running Nazi might fall into either one of those categories on any given day, I was only out there because I have a marathon coming up and I am trying to stay on the training schedule.  I never want a repeat of the way my legs felt while running in the Pensacola marathon last Fall.  Yes, I can finish a marathon without properly training for it, but I never want to experience that much pain again.  Just because I did an Ironman the year before meant nothing.  My legs didn't remember it at all, but they didn't let me forget the pain I put them through afterward.  From now on, I'm doing the proper marathon training.   It was great getting back home and into these warm socks.  My legs felt happy.

The Murph kept making fun of my outfit and thought I was wearing these colors in honor of Mardi Gras.   He kept laughing at me and followed me around taking pictures.  Now I know how old Boo feels when we come after him pointing the camera.  Don't worry, I'll get some pictures of my own of the Murph.  I'm still waiting for my new Runlove Compression socks to be delivered.  Keeping my fingers crossed for them to be delivered today.

Boo's Comfy Spot

Boo took over the pillows this morning before I had a chance to make the bed.  Doesn't he look so comfy?  Gotta love old Boo. Unfortunately,  his new role model is Phantom.  He's been following Phantom around and has learned some not so good habits such as "burying" his food after he eats, hissing at Ed, and begging shamelessly for our food while we are trying to eat.  If he wasn't too old to jump up on the bathroom counter, he would probably be begging us to turn the water on so he could drink out of the faucet.  Just hope he doesn't start spraying and biting like Phantom does.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walk In The Park

Yesterday was such a nice, warm day that Ken and I decided to go for a walk at a nearby park after I did a short 4 mile run in the neighborhood.   I wore my Lululemon tights.  I love them!   My friend S was right about Lululemon workout wear - once you start wearing them there's no going back.  I can't wait to go buy more workout wear from them for Spring/Summer.   Got a nice picture of Ken in his "workout wear" which is also his usual day wear.   Then we played with the camera and took pictures of each other in various places along the trail.  Practice for future "photo shoots" maybe.....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wire Hangers

My legs are finally about 90% recovered, especially my poor beat up calves.  They weren't hurting at all until I attempted to run on the treadmill today.  Then it felt like little fists were pressing right into the middle of each of them.  I did almost 30 minutes easy on the treadmill, then did 15 minutes on the exercise bike and stretched.  Ken and I went for a 30 minute walk later today and I think these walks are really helping me recover faster, but I still need some miracle recovery drink at this point.  Who stays this sore for over four days after a 1/2 marathon?  A full marathon I would understand, but not a 1/2.  It's absurd!

The Running Nazi and I have a 13 miler to run and we were going to do it tomorrow, but I'm thinking I should just do a shorter 5 to 7 mile run tomorrow (ha) and then the 13 miler on Sunday just to give me more recovery time and to keep on the training schedule.  Since I'm backing out of the 13 mile run tomorrow, she will probably run 13 by herself tomorrow and then another 13 miler on Sunday.  She's an animal.  I'm just old and worn out.

I did make some progress on the other bedroom closet and now the floors in both closets are visible.  I still have some work to do on the top shelves and rearranging my clothes in some sort of organization, but they both look much better.

Somehow I have wire hangers in the closets again.   A couple of years ago I made a futile attempt to do away with all wire hangers.  Sort of Joan Crawfordish in "Mommy Dearest" only I didn't beat the Boy with the hangers or wake him up in the middle of night yelling at him because he used wire hangers or anything like that.   I just bought some wooden ones for one of my closets and pink plastic ones for the rest of them (except blue ones for the Boy).  I was going for a more uniform look in the closets.  It was my first real attempt at closet organizing.

My clothing must multiply over night, but the wooden and plastic hangers stay the same, so the wire ones manage to get back in the closets again.  The wire ones are always everywhere.  I need to put a ban on them in the house and just toss them or send them back to the cleaners as soon as I find one.  Otherwise, they end up back in my closet.  I don't like them.

Phantom looked a little confused when he saw his favorite closet, the one with all the shoes.  He's never seen it that organized.  He didn't know what the floor looked liked.

I think maybe we should get the carpet cleaned next....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I had a very productive day today reorganizing and cleaning out one of my closets to get the house ready to put on the market.  I came across this painting from about 1977.   It is a painting of me at approximately age 11 or 12 painted by my good friend D before she and her family moved up north to Illinois.  Funny how I have kept all of these things.

I also still have my Barbie paper dolls from the early 1970's.  Why?  I don't know....

It was kind of funny and a little embarrassing when the Murph and I went out tonight and he was looking through the pictures I had taken on the camera and came across this Barbie one.   We decided to stay in last night and avoid the Valentine Day crowds.  Tonight wasn't much better though as far as the crowds.  We went to Flemings and had calamari and crab cakes.  Ken loves Flemings calamari and says it's the best.  Every thing's delicious at Flemings.   I finally got a chance to wear the new pink Jeffrey Campbell shoes I bought last month online from Free People.  It went perfect with the new pink Bebe dress that I bought before Christmas.  We ran into some friends at Flemings and got a chance to caught up since we haven't seen anyone since the Christmas holidays.

After a couple of drinks we headed over to P.F. Chang's for some lettuce wraps and egg rolls before heading home.   Great night out with Ken.  Tomorrow I tackle the other closet!   The one with all the shoes.....

 Cadence had to get in on the picture taking action before we left.  He's always right there beside me.  My favorite kitty.....

I think Cadence wants me to stop taking pics and pet him dammit!
See Cadence creeping up beside Ken....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Two days post 1/2 Mercedes Marathon and I'm still hobbling around on my toes in pain.  My calves are toast, that's all I can say.  I even ran the race wearing compression socks underneath 2XU Compression tights.  These didn't seem to help at all or maybe they did and my calves would be in much worse pain if I hadn't worn them.

I have been wearing these Zensah compression sleeves for the past two days.  They are suppose to increase circulation to the area to help heal faster.  I don't really know if it's working, but I will give anything a try.  I even ordered a couple more pair of compression socks in a different brand in hopes that it will help.  Looks like compression will be part of my racing, training and recovery attire for a while.

I'm not sure what Ken teases me more for - the funny walk or the funny white things on my legs.

Cadence is pretty use to the weird things I wear....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Will Run For Beer- Mercedes Marathon Weekend

Yesterday was race day.  The Running Nazi and I ran in the Mercedes Half Marathon.  This is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) running event in Alabama.  It sort of started as the Freeze your half off run that was held this same time every year.  The Freeze your half off was my very first ever 1/2 marathon and also my fastest in under 1 hr 42 minutes.

In 2002, they did away with the Freeze your half off and created the Mercedes Marathon and 1/2 marathon.  That year I did the full Mercedes Marathon in an attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  It was my first marathon and the most memorable.  I ran a 3 hrs 47 minute marathon missing the Boston qualifying time by 2 minutes.  I ran into my old running buddy D yesterday after the race.  We put in a lot of miles together training for those marathons and trying to qualify.  D ran the half yesterday and told me she was doing Boston again.  It was great seeing her and catching up.  I did eventually qualify for Boston that same year at the Huntsville Rocket City Marathon.

The Mercedes Marathon gets bigger every year.  This year both events filled up before the weekend expo even started.  For the first time ever, nobody could sign up at the expo.  There were thousands of people there Sunday morning in the 20 degree temps.  The Running Nazi and I bought a couple of disposable jackets at the expo for $8.  Yes, you can really buy disposable clothing here to pollute the environment.  We weren't being very green, but we did stay warm at the beginning of the race and disposed the jackets along the course after we warmed up.

I decorated mine the night before with some motivational quotes.  I think it  helped all the fellow runners that were passing me.  They were kicking my ass and feeling very inspired by the quotes on the jacket.  I'm positive.  Especially the one about Pain being temporary, but Internet results lasting forever.  That will make anyone run faster!  I have proof that this quote really inspired by all the super fast times all the runners posted.

Ken's vote on the funniest quote (because it was the lamest) was "Why are all these people following me?" Ms. Harry Potter liked that quote the best too.  She was there in her disposable jacket and I helped decorate it for her, of course.  I even remembered Mom on the front jacket sleeve.  I was suppose to wave to her when I saw the news cameras and I was going to raise my arm up so she could see where I had written "Hi Mom".   However,  I didn't see any news cameras and she didn't see me.  I was running too fast.

This was The Running Nazi and me when we got to the race start.  Don't worry, I brought my Sharpie pen so we could "decorate" the Nazi's jacket before the race started.  She wanted "Will Run For Beer" written across her back and a heart in honor of Valentine's Day.

We finished the race in under 1 hr 55 min and then headed inside to use the restrooms and warm up and hydrate before heading back out to run 7 more miles.  It was our last 20 miler before the marathon we are running in next month.  My calves are killing me!  So glad it's taper time and I have two 20 milers and a couple of 1/2 marathon races under my belt to help me prepare this time.

Boo Channeling Snoopy

Ken says that Boo reminds him of Snoopy, the Peanuts cartoon dog when he lies with his paws like this.  And he does this all the time.  I'm not so sure, but maybe if he was on his back,on  top of a dog house, I would see it. Either way Boo is very cute.  Maybe he is channeling Snoopy through this little stuffed dog of his.

Is Snoopy sending Boo a message of some sort?

Boo is worn out from all the Snoopy channeling.  Ed's just trying to take over my running shoes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time(Grammy Awards Live)

Back in the 80's I bought everything Whitney Houston had out.  She's never sang anything I didn't like, but "One Moment in Time" is my all time favorite for many reasons.  My one moment in time will be the day I qualify for Kona Ironman World Championship.  My next moment in time will be the day I cross that finish line in Kona.....

Whitney Houston had such an awesome voice and amazing talent, it's so sad and tragic that she died at age 48.

RIP Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

Friday, February 10, 2012

One of the BEST Motivational Videos I've ever seen!

I love this!  Another reminder for me to never ever give up!  Never let set backs stop me.  Keep moving forward.  (Sounds like my marathon/Ironman mantra)  Don't be afraid ask for and/or go after what I want.   I love the little boy on the bike at the end of this video.  Future triathlete? Reminds me of The Boy.

I'm so proud of The Boy for never giving up.  All the parent teacher conferences we went through from 1st grade to 12th grade.  (Having to go through 1st grade twice because we didn't know what was wrong)  Sticking with the regular academic degree even when the occupational one was suggested for him. (It would have been the easier way out of high school, but not the best and not for The Boy!)

Dealing with the bad teachers who just didn't give a crap or really didn't understand.  Luckily, the bad or uncaring teachers were in the minority in his school and he was lucky enough to have some of the best special ed teachers.  Getting the help he needed to get through school even before he was officially diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in 8th grade.  And now he is excelling in college with very little accommodations.

He rocks!

In The Closet

Ken and I are at odds over what to do about Phantom's aggressive attitude toward the other 3 cats, especially Ed. Every morning we have to do an intervention between the two of them. Ed is old, small and declawed.  Phantom is a huge, muscular powerhouse with claws and teeth.  Ed doesn't stand a chance.

Neither Ken nor I know why Ed seems to have been singled out.  Spraying Phantom with water doesn't help stop him.  For a while, Phantom spent most of the day soaking wet, but then he would still go after Ed whenever we weren't looking.  Now we lock Phantom up whenever we are gone to keep Ed safe.

Now we are trying to figure out what to do with all the cats if we move to the coast and sell the house in the ham.  We would have to live in a small two bedroom condo for awhile before buying a house down there.  There is no way we can have all four cats in the small condo, especially with Phantom being so mean and territorial.  Ken says Phantom has to go, but I have had this cat for six years and he's more like a child to me than a pet.  I love Ed too and don't want him hurt.  Dilemma!

I asked my mom to babysit for Phantom until we purchase another house.  She reluctantly agreed but is concerned he will bite her.  I don't think he will bite her, but he's never been with anybody other than me and The Boy so I don't really know what he will do to her.  I do know we can't continue to let him terrorize poor Ed and we can't keep him locked up in a closet either, even though he seems to like it in there.  Phantom is just a very bad indoor cat.  He should have gone to live in a barn somewhere on a farm where he can chase mice and other small critters all day.  I couldn't have it though because I would be afraid he'd get hurt or killed.  The closet is a safer place than outside or in a barn.  Sorry Phantom.

And please don't bite Grandma!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Strange Addiction

I ran into a fellow runner as I was running in the neighborhood this afternoon.  We are both training for the 1/2 marathon that takes place this Sunday.  She did a race last weekend, the one that I missed due to a stomach virus, so she was power walking to taper for this weekend.  I haven't run on anything besides the treadmill for the past week so I felt like I needed the outdoor run today on some hills.

We had a very short conversation since she was going in one direction and I was going in the other, but it got me to thinking about why I do these races.  Especially the long triathlon ones. (aka the Ironman)  She mentioned running in this same upcoming race last year.  I remember last year.  I was in major burn out from all the Ironman Canada training I had been doing all summer.  I haven't figured out how to continually train long and utilize the endurance I have for other races after competing in an Ironman.  I could do the physical part, but it's the mental part that I haven't been able to control.  The mental part is the most important part.

Also, Ironman training just trained my legs to run slow.  All that running on tired, dead legs after biking 50 - 100 miles or swimming for a couple of hours, then biking , then running.  Slow, tired, worn out legs.

So last year, six months after doing Ironman Canada, I was miserably facing this 1/2 marathon and cussing the Running Nazi for "talking me into" signing up. (she didn't really, but I have to blame someone, otherwise it all just doesn't make sense)   It's ironic that this year I was cussing her because she signed up early and didn't tell me. (can't wait to show the Running Nazi the bridesmaid dress I picked out for her.)  I signed up Tuesday and by Wednesday the race was full.  Barely made it!  Last year I would've jumped for joy that I didn't make it!  Guess I'm not burned out anymore.

As I was running my short four mile run today,  I was thinking about the total burn out I felt this time last year.  Even all through this past year, I have done a few races and not much training.  Why do I keep signing up?  I thought maybe it's just an addiction.  Maybe I have no control.  But what if I overcame the addiction and then didn't race or train anymore.  I don't think I would like that too much.  I love being fit.  I use to love biking and I do love how running makes me feel.  At first I wished I could just stop doing any of it and not feel bad that I'm not doing it anymore.  Then I realized it's not that I don't want to do it anymore.  I just want to be fast.  I use to love racing and training more when I was fast.  I would love it again if I could just get faster.

So during that run while I listened to sappy love songs on my ipod, I figured it all out.  I just need to get fast again.  Then I will love it all over again.   All that training - love swimming, love biking, love running for hours and hours and hours.  Love, love, love all the hours and hours and miles and miles.

 It's not an addiction at all......

Boo's Toys

Boo brought his favorite dolls downstairs yesterday.  Now he's been keeping them nearby.  He ignored me as I started taking his picture.  He doesn't really like it.

As you can see, these dolls are a little rough looking.

Only half a body on this one and you can't see her face very well behind all the hair.  Boo pretended to ignore me as I walked around the house taking pictures of all his other toys that he has left all over the house.

This one was next to the dolls.  Guess he thought they needed a big cat nip pillow.

Not sure about this one... Kind of looks like a goldfish....Could also be used as a doll pillow according to Boo.

 These were left in one of his favorite chairs.  I don't even know what that white thing is, but it's not a cat toy.  I think it actually came out of one of my shoe boxes.

I would still love to catch him in the act of carrying his big stuffed dog in his mouth.

This ball was left in the kitchen.   Food wins over toys every time with old Boo.

After I finished taking pictures, I hear Boo meowing in the living room.  He only meows when he has a toy in his mouth.  I grab the camera to try to catch him with the toy in his mouth.  He sees me and spits it out immediately.

Then stands there and pretends he doesn't see me taking pictures of him.  Totally ignores me.

This is the toy he had in his mouth.  I don't even know where it came from.  I didn't see it laying around anywhere when I was taking pictures of the other toys.  Boo has a secret stash.  Wonder what else Boo has in his stash?