Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love These MK Rain Boots

Today was a rain boot kind of day.  It has been raining here all day long.  Yuck!  I have had these Michael Kors rain boots for almost three years now and love them.   I first saw them on a Sales Associate at Saks Fifth Avenue.  The Saks where I live didn't carry them so I started looking online.  It was right before Christmas and most places were sold out.  I found only one pair and it wasn't my size.  I thought I had waited too late and would never find a pair in my size.  I looked at other rain boots, but these were the ones I found that I really, really wanted.

I didn't give up.  Right after Christmas, I finally found a pair online (I think on and ordered them.  I have been wearing them whenever it rains ever since.  I get lots of comments on them, some not so complimentary from Ken.  He laughs at me when I'm clomping around in them, but hey, my feet stay stylishly dry!

The other day I went into a local grocery store and was checking out.  I was wearing my black Ugg boots at the time, not the Michael Kors rain boots.  The cashier tells me she found a pair of boots just like mine.

 Confused, I say, "The Uggs???"

"No," she says, "the Michael Kors rainboots.  I saw you wearing them the other day and looked all over for a pair and finally found some and ordered them."

I really never knew she paid that much attention to me or my shoes, but I knew exactly how she felt.  I felt the same way when I saw them on the woman at Saks.  I had to have a pair!

      See Ken, these clunkers are way cool!

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  1. those are very cool. i like that they're almost all black but...not. they look great with tights and a mini skirt.
    perfect in this soggy weather, too.

  2. That's actually what I wear them with. In that pic I had on a mini sweater dress and some black leggings. I usually wear mini skirts or short dresses with them.

  3. I agree with Stephanie.
    good looking rainboots, black, tall, glossy and HOT!
    Maybe they are replaced? Rainboots often have around 5 years of life before
    aging a lot.
    Next pair= MK Vedge wellies !!?
    I saw a pair some days ago. On that lady it looks real sexy :-)