Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of Cadence's Favorite Spots

The Murph took this picture of Cadence because he thought the cat was cute in one of his favorite spots.  The bathtub.  Notice it is Cadence's favorite spot only because he doesn't know what it is used for and has never seen water in it.  We use the shower and Phantom was bathed yesterday in the other bathroom.  If he ever saw water in it he would never get near it.

Dolphins Playing

 Went to the beach today and saw lots of animal activity.  Several dolphins were playing right off the coast. I tried to get a picture of all of them as they were surfacing but they were too fast for the camera.  I did manage to capture one or two.  We also saw some stingrays.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bath Time For Phantom

I had to give the big guy a bath today because he was shedding all over the place and doesn't bathe himself regularly.  He was extremely angry and yowling so loud that the Murph knocked on the bathroom door a couple of times to make sure I was ok.  Cadence heard the ruckus and disappeared under the bed for an hour probably thinking he was next.  Phantom seems very happy now that he dried out. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Productive Trip

Overall the Murph and I have been very productive on this trip back home.  We got caught up on a month of mail and bills and tomorrow is hair appointment day.  We've caught up with friends and I had lunch with the Running Nazi today.  She told me I should run in the Ruben Studdard 1/2 marathon in Birmingham the week after doing a marathon as a "recovery" run.  I don't know how she thinks a 1/2 marathon is a "recovery" run after a full marathon.  My idea of recovery after a full marathon is sitting on the couch eating cookies.  It usually takes me four day after the marathon before I can even walk normal or lower myself down on the toilet seat without wincing.  Sounds fun though!  Maybe I will try it just to see if I'm as tough as the Nazi ( I already know I am not as tough!)

Ed and Boo continue to follow me around and curl up at my feet.  They are my little furry subjects and I am their Queen Kristy.  The Murph is totally disgusted by their behavior.  Boo has brought me his little dolls and stuffed mice as gifts.  He loves me.  The Boy laughed at Boo when he saw Boo's fur the other day.   Poor Boo is a little mangy, but he's old and can't help himself.
Ed and Boo in their current favorite spot - by my feet!  (Boo is the cute little mangy one closest to my feet)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cold Run with the Running Nazi- Brrrrrrrr!

I ran 12 miles with the Running Nazi today (it could have been 13 miles- we're not sure).   It was 40 degrees when we started, but felt much colder because I'm not use to getting up at 5:30 a.m. and running in the freezing cold.  I haven't run in temps under 70 degrees lately.  Later the Murph and I went to the gym and did weights, abs and I got on the treadmill and ran a mile and a half more so that's a total of 13 1/2 to 14 mile today.  I don't feel so bad for missing my long run earlier this week.  Now I have a 20 miler coming up this week and then taper for the marathon in mid-November.

 It was great running with the Nazi again.  I really miss running with her when I'm at the coast.  She is almost recovered from the Chicago Marathon which she said was extremely hot.  She saw a lot of runners in the 4 hour pace group coming across the finish line after 4 1/2 hours with her so she didn't feel that bad about her time.  She was shooting for 4 hrs to 4 hr 15 min but the heat and the slip on the banana peel affected her time.

The Boy loaded up his clean laundry (thanks to mom!) and headed back to school reluctantly today.  He didn't want to leave until 2 p.m., but his ride wanted to leave before noon so he had to go and we missed having lunch together.  I promised him I would visit him Wednesday or Thursday and take him to lunch.
Ed the cat sure hated to see him go.  The Boy left covered in cat hair thanks to a very affectionate kitty cat.  I can't wait until the holidays when we are all together in one place again!

Home Again But Not For Long

Well I haven't done my long run for the week yet because I put it off when the cold front came through at the coast and the wind was brutal and then I haven't felt well.   We have been traveling alot too.  Last week to Clearwater Beach and Sarasota and this week we are back in Birmingham from Pensacola.  We haven't been home in almost a month and our mail never was forwarded so we have piles of it here to sort through.

The Boy got his cell phone wet a few weeks ago and had to replace it.  Luckily, I had insurance but it still cost $100 to replace so I told him he owed the Murph $100 since the Murph is the one paying the monthly cell phone bill for him.  We told him if he came home this weekend to see us then he could keep the $100.  Yes, bribery!  It worked, of course.  I thought he would visit more on the weekend especially with dirty laundry to wash.  That didn't work either.  He's pretty good at "recycling" clothing and I bought him enough underwear and socks at the beginning of the semester to last him four years of college so he's been good.   Laundry doesn't work, money does!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Waves

A cold front is coming through and the waves yesterday evening in the gulf were churning.  These pictures don't even do it justice.  Last night the wind was whipping around the building so loud I had trouble sleeping and it has been blustery all day.

 I took these pictures after a short run yesterday evening.  The wind hadn't picked up yet and it was very humid.  Today is the opposite.  High winds and cold!  No outside exercising or beach day today.  I can still hear the wind whipping around outside.  Brrrrrrr!!

The Alien House

Alien House Pensacola Beach Florida

Hello Mr. Alien!
I have always found this house on Pensacola Beach, FL a little ummmm "interesting".  It was built in the late 60's and has survived several hurricanes and apparently a tornado recently.  I did some research on it and it is really just a modular house that is designed to float in case of floods or hurricanes so the aliens were just added as a novelty I guess.  It was flown here and put on it's landing pad by helicopter in the 60's or 70's.  I wonder if it did flood and float off somewhere would the owners be able to find it?  Maybe in the Bahamas somewhere....  In the meantime the little green alien is watching all the bikers and runners going by.

Big smile!  Say "cheese"!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clearwater Jazz Festival

Back home after attending the Clearwater Jazz Festival in beautiful Clearwater, Florida.  The Murph and I had a great time, but the seven hour drive was a little longer than we thought it would be.  The Tampa/St. Pete area is at the top of our list of possible places to relocate.  If we do decide to move there then we probably will sell not only the Alabama houses, but also the condo we are living in now in the Florida Panhandle.  It is just a little too far to drive for a long weekend and we will be near beaches down there so it just makes sense.

We had alot of fun at the jazz festival at Coachman Park in Clearwater, FL.  One of the acts we saw was Christian McBride and his band, Inside Straight.  They were very good and it was a perfect afternoon in the park listening to some jazz.  I love the instrument McBride played (the upright bass). It would be fun to learn to play one or the cello.  My favorite instrument of all time.  The Boy learned to play the violin when he was in third grade and the kids in his class were learning to play everything from the viola and the violin to the cello and the bass and they were all miniature size to fit the kids.  Very cute!

Christian McBride & Inside Straight
The sunsets were gorgeous down there especially the night we went to the park.  I could definitely live there!  We liked the south Tampa area as well as the many areas we looked at in the Clearwater area.  Atlanta is another option, but after living at the coast these past months I think the Murph and I are both leaning toward somewhere on the coast now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back Again In Clearwater Beach After 'Only' 42 Years

I haven't posted in a few days because the Murph and I are in Clearwater Beach for the Jazz Festival.  We got here Thursday night and have been super busy.  Friday we met with a realtor who took us around the area to look at houses and neighborhoods we might be interested in moving too.  We also are considering areas in Tampa, FL.

Friday night we drove an hour and 1/2 to Sarasota, FL to see the Murph's friend who lives there.  Sarasota is very nice and another place we are considering moving too.

We got back to Clearwater Beach yesterday and went out last night.  We went to a restaurant/beach bar across the street from the hotel where we are staying and met the owner, who is probably 70 or 80 years old, and her granddaughter.   Clearwater Beach was the first beach I visited with my grandparents in 1969 when I was about 4.  Apparently, the owner of the restaurant was here back then in the same place.  I don't know exactly where I stayed then, but after talking to the owner I probably stayed at the exact same place then as I am now.  They tore the hotel down and built this one, but it was probably the same location.  I think that is pretty cool.

I'm not feeding sea gulls this time though.
Bridge driving though St. Pete, FL

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach from the Hilton balcony

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long Run

I struggled through a 15 mile run today and now my legs are in pain.  I still don't know why they get so sore after a long run.  They should be use to it by now you would think.  Despite my quads that started aching before I was even an hour into the run, the views were gorgeous.  The ocean was very calm today and the crowds from the weekend are gone.  It was a little overcast so I didn't get too hot.  It was a perfect day to do a long run.

The Running Nazi ran the Chicago Marathon Sunday and finished despite slipping on a banana peel and injuring herself.  She also said it was very hot and she got sick from too much gator aid.  She's tough!  She's done marathons where she had ulcers and kidney stones and still finished despite the pain.  Let me tell you it is painful to run a marathon even without ulcers and kidney stones!  I am so proud of her!  Congrats Running Nazi!

She was one of over 45,000 people that ran it this weekend.  Of course, I think the pregnant woman that gave birth 6 hours after she crossed the finish line kind of one upped the Nazi.  Sorry Nazi.

Awesome race!  Definitely one that is in my future.  Just wish I had registered before it filled up so I could have run with the Running Nazi.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paybacks on The Jazz Cats

I did Spinervals today for an hour, but really wasn't feeling motivated. The Murph backed out and just did his usual weight training because he said it was "too windy".  (Spinervals is held inside the gym, NOT outside).  It is very dreary, windy and overcast here at the coast and I think it made me a little lazy.  It wasn't windy in the Spinervals class though so the Murph would have been just fine.

The cats kept me up all night too.  Phantom jumped up on the bed around 4 a.m. because there was no cat food in the feeder.  He usually wants to eat around 4 and if there is no food then he harasses me by walking over me and making sure he really mashes down hard with his paw and then he purrs loudly in my face.  Cadence did his usual on and off the bed, pawing my face every hour from 2 a.m. until I finally got up.  He's not hungry, just needy.

The cats were ready for their naps when we left to go work out this morning.  The Murph made sure he woke them up as soon as we got back.  Paybacks!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Cardio Challenged Murph

The other day at the gym I mentioned to a woman I know that usually works out the same time as the Murph and I that the Murph had just bought a new bike so we were going for a ride later.  Of course, we didn't do the bike ride.  The Murph somehow weaseled his way out of it.  That was a week ago and the Murph still hasn't been on that bike.
The Murph's new bike.
Looks real nice but probably won't be used much.
(really cool reflectors!!)

Yesterday the same woman asked if we ever did the ride and I said "no, the Murph said it was too windy."

Today she was working out with the fitness instructor that teaches the Spinerval class that the Murph keeps saying he's going to do, but never does and they cornered the Murph over by the weight machine and asked him if he had ridden his bike yet.  He said "no, too windy, I don't ride in the wind."  The fitness instructor said "Oh, that's just another excuse!"

The Murph works out every single day and sometimes twice, but he ONLY does weights.  He avoids cardio at ALL cost.  He has a million and one excuses and always says he's going to do cardio  "tomorrow" or start on a cardio schedule "next week".  You would think that since he's with me (a ironman triathlete cardio freak) that some of it would rub off on him.  No way!  He's the Murph!

I told him he's just cardio challenged.

Yoga Kicked My Ass

It is a very windy day here at the coast so not a good beach day.  I lifted weights at the gym and then ran six miles outside and my legs felt better than they have all week.  Saturday they were extremely sore so I decided to try the yoga class at the gym and then a 30 minute swim instead of a run.   Overall, the yoga seemed good, not too bad, kind of easy.  I thought I would do terrible and have no balance at all and everybody would laugh at me, but I really did pretty good.  Near the end of class I was thinking, " Oh this is nothing.  Easy!  I've done ironman triathlons and races where I felt like throwing up at the end.  Blood and guts!  This yoga stuff is nothing with all this heavy breathing and these gay ballerina moves and all."  Big scoff!

Well....  I guess I got a little too cocky because near the end of class I noticed the toe on my left foot was really aching and the downward dog pose didn't seem so easy and fun anymore.  The next morning when I woke up I had soreness in areas of my body that I had never had soreness before (didn't even know you could get sore in those areas).  Even my fingers were sore!

The Murph has been laughing at me for two days and calling me a baby every time I complain.

"Oh, baby is cranky!  Baby needs a nap!  Cry baby....  boo hooo... "

You get the picture.

Yes,  I admit it.  Yoga kicked my triathlete ass!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big Day in Kona

Today is a big day for triathlon.  I have been following the Ironman World Championship in Kona all day.  The top pros have already made it to the finish line.  I have been tracking my peeps from Alabama and Florida and the Alabama friend was second to last out of the water and now I am anxiously waiting to see if she made the bike cut off.  The bike cut off time was about 10 minutes ago and her final bike split isn't posted yet and no news from the facebook friends who are in Hawaii with her, cheering her on.  They have been posting all day, but no news yet.  I hope she makes it!

The Murph and I have been talking about it and have decided that I should go ahead and try to qualify for  Kona.  If I do (by some miracle) then we would take another trip to Kona so I can do the race.  No waiting 4 or 5 years to go back.  Of course, it may take 5 years before I qualify (if I ever even do qualify), but if I qualify this year, we will go next year.  I just have to decide which races to do to try to qualify.  There are 2 half ironman triathlons I could do or pick a full one like Ironman Florida or Texas or Canada again.  Decisions...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Jazzing Out

Jazz Cat, Phantom jazzing out this evening.  The Murph started playing their favorite jazz CD just for them.  Cadence was completely zonked out in the cat carrier next to the Bose and Phantom was camped out on the rug right in front of it.   Crazy Cats!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spinervals, Manicure and NO GROCERY SHOPPING!

Today was Spinerval day so I went to spin class and did spinning and then weights, then spinning, then weights for an hour of intense pain.   The class seemed tougher than normal because my legs are still a little tired from the Tuesday long run and the long swim and bike I did yesterday plus the race I did Saturday. My mom says I do too much and need to stop.   She also sent me an email and told me I don't need to swim in the ocean and if I do I shouldn't wear shiny jewelry because it attracts sharks.  I really don't usually swim in the ocean unless it is during a race.  I have a healthy respect for the sharks around here.  I don't want one in my house so I don't want to go in their house either.  (unless it's a race.... sorry!)

No beach day today so I didn't get to see the Little Pecker.  Hope he found a few crumbs from someone else.  He's fairly aggressive so I wouldn't be surprised.  Instead I got my nails done while the Murph ran errands and did some grocery shopping.   The nail shop owner and his wife saw the Murph drop me off at the shop and remembered me from Friday when I ran in for a "quick" pedicure.  I told them that "yes, the Murph had dropped me off and was going grocery shopping again plus some other errands too".  The nail place owner told me I was a very lucky girl and that most men wouldn't grocery shop like that.  I told him that not only that but the Murph cooks too!  He couldn't believe it.  He said "oh you very very lucky!  Where did you find him...  on ebay??"  I said "no, but close!"

Actually, I met the Murph because I have to pee alot after I drink wine.  I was in a restaurant with some friends drinking wine, of course.  I had to go to the bathroom and was walking out of the bathroom which was near the bar area and that's where I met the Murph.  He's from the Bronx and with a mouth like his, he's hard to miss.  Oh yeah, and cute too!

Really, I think it was fate.  The Murph and I were just meant to meet and if we hadn't met at that restaurant that night, we would have met somewhere else.  Probably the beach we both love.

I think the Murph likes it when I don't go to the grocery store with him.  He has a list and you must only buy what's on the list.  I see cookies and I'm all over the place.  He told me today that I am banned from grocery shopping.   Oh well, I'm not crying about it.  (he did buy my cookies)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beach Wildlife and The Little Pecker

Cute Little Pecker!
The Murph and I had a little visitor the last couple of days while we were on the beach.  This little bird just kept hanging around us and he seemed to like the Murph's toes an awful lot.  I gave him a few cracker crumbs and that made him leave the toes alone.  He didn't bother my toes, but then they are painted pink and the Murph's look kind of like crusty crackers soooo.....

I named the bird Little Pecker since he was pecking the Murph's toes so much.  The Murph didn't really appreciate the attention since he was relaxing on the beach when the Little Pecker came up suddenly and starting pecking.  Yesterday the Murph seemed to attract wildlife at the beach.  When he went in the water about a dozen black sting rays came up and surrounded him.  Then they started playing in the waves around him.  I got a little nervous and got out of the water.  The Murph went in further.  I thought he was going to get bitten by something.  Luckily, he didn't.

Today I took the camera with us to the beach just in case the Little Pecker came back.  He did!  Isn't he cute!  The Murph said I should bring him home so the cats can play with him.  Not!

Nice juicy toe ahead!

Little Pecker going after the Murph's toes!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ironman World Championship This Weekend

The Ironman World Championship is this weekend in Kona, Hawaii.  I know at least one person from home that is competing and one person from the coast.  I will be keeping up with them on and wishing them luck.  And wishing I were there of course!  Hawaii was great!  I did Hawaii 70.3 in June and the bike course was part of the full ironman course.  The lava fields may be hot, but they are really amazing too.  

I ran 13 miles today and now I have this pain in my groin area.  Not good!  I hope I didn't pull anything.  I don't have time for injuries.  I am training for Pensacola Marathon which is mid-November and I haven't even done a 20 miler for it yet.   Last 20+ mile run I did was training for Ironman Canada summer 2010.  I told the Murph I wish I was in Hawaii right now getting ready to do the race and he looked at me like I was crazy and pointed out that I can barely walk right now how can I finish an ironman race.  That is true!

I still have 4 years to qualify for Kona. That's plenty of time to get tougher and faster! (and older so I will be in a different hopefully slower age group).  I don't know if I am going to last that long though.  It's going to bug me until I get a slot.  I am already thinking that this would be a great year to try to qualify since I'm not working right now.  I can swim, bike and run 24/7!  Yeah!

First I have to be able to walk from the chair to the bathroom without this pain shooting up my leg...

Lava Field- Kona

Monday, October 3, 2011


I am finally recovered from the race.  I have been a little out of it the past two days!  Yesterday I went to the gym and got on the bike for about 15 minutes easy spin, then weights really light and then an easy 4 mile run outside.

Today I went to the gym and did weights, upper body only and the elliptical machine for 15 minutes and then core.  I just couldn't get into it today.  I am going to swim later this afternoon.  Hopefully, I will get motivated!

The Murph and I did our usual beer/margarita run last night.  The parrot was nowhere to be seen at Crabs though.  Guess it was too chilly for him to be outside.

It's a beautiful day here at the coast.  We have some errands to run or we would definitely hit the beach.  There's always tomorrow!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Survived the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon!

All  I can say is I finished the triathlon today, not as fast as I would have liked, but overall I did all right (I think) for someone who hasn't been biking and swimming like I should.  Somewhere in the middle of the run I made a mental decision that either I was going to have to start training harder or stop doing these races.  I know it was short, but sometimes the short ones hurt the worse if you give it all you got.  I gave it all I had except I didn't throw up (that's when you know you REALLY gave it your all).  I won't be walking really good for the next few days though.

The Murph said I was crabby yesterday before the race.  He says I have an evil twin that comes out during stressful times and PMS that he has named Corpus.  (he got my childhood stories screwed up to come up with that name... long story!)

My overall time was 4 minutes slower than the last time I did it, but the swim course was short back then so they say.  I was really disappointed with my run.  It's the ONLY thing I have been consistent with in training and I was over 2 minutes slower.  I guess my legs were worn out from the bike.  I did the 600 yd swim in 14 minutes (+/-),  the 18 mile bike in 56 minutes and the run in over 26 minutes.  I was 6 out of 42 in my age group.  Not too bad for somebody who hasn't trained properly.

The Murph was out there to cheer me on and take pictures. (yes, actual pictures, not videos!)  He says he is proud of me and he thinks I was the cutest one out there.  Ahhhhh..... That's all the counts!

Love you, Murph!
Getting ready at the start.  It was a little CHILLY!

Warming up!


Purple flag - Beware of jelly fish!

Me in bike to run transition
About to cross the finish line.  LOVE that feelling!