Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday - Two New Bikinis and My Feeble Attempt At Mismatching Them

My husband surprised me with two more bikinis from Victoria's Secret the other day. I really loved the pink ones he got a few months ago so he got a black one in the same exact style and another one that's a little different, but similar. The bikini above is the one that is the exact same style as the pink one (here in this post), just in black.

Now I can mismatch them and wear the black bottoms with the pink top vice versa. It's much easier for me to mismatch when they are the same brand and style and I'm not even sure if that counts as mismatching. Like I said in my last mismatch swimsuit post (here ), I'm not very creative at coming up with cute combos. This makes it easier for me.

I paired this black top with some leopard print bottoms that I've had for a few years now. I really liked this combo. I can also wear the leopard print top with the black bottoms for a different look. It's like having double the swimsuits now. As if I needed more swimsuits!

And again all in black looking like I have a headache, but I like the lighting of the sky and water in this picture and the way I'm standing right in front of the point where the water and sand touch. This could have been a really good picture minus the headache pose.

Moving on to black bikini and cover up number two.

Just when I thought my husband couldn't find anything skimpier than what he's already gotten me, he proved me totally wrong. He's so good that way! This bikini is a little too much (too little actually) even for me. We affectionately have started calling it the "smut kini." It's one you wear with a cover up over it until you get to the beach, and hopefully find a spot with nobody close by, to soak up some vitamin D and get a tan. A weird stripes on your butt kind of tan, but lots and lots of vitamin D due to the amount of skin showing.

Every year my husband tops himself on getting me skimpy swimsuits. I wonder what he will come up with next year! He knows I'll wear it if it's a color I like and not a one piece. I don't even like to swim laps in a one piece because I get a wedgie every time I extend my arm out to pull through the water. Ick!

The pink top/black bottom combo below was my least favorite mismatch attempt, but my husband's favorite. Being the wrecking ball that I am, I broke the side chain on the pink bottoms (here) that match this top. I thought I could pair it with these black bottoms from now on, but I don't think it's a good balance. The bottoms are just a little to skimpy for the top.  I think my other pink top will go better with these bottoms.

Now I have plenty of tops and bottoms to match or mismatch or whatever. Just not swim laps in. That's an entirely different kind of swimsuit for a post on another day.

Swimsuits: Victoria's Secret, first black bikini here;  black strappy bikini no. 2 here
Bracelets: Free People
Cover Ups: Victoria's Secret, gold sequin here
Flip Flops: Juicy Couture
Tote Bag: Free People (I got it free with a purchase)


  1. You've done great with mis-matching these.
    I don't like wearing one-pieces either. I never feel comfortable. But we'll see how I feel about that when I hit some really ripe old age...actually I won't care by then. Ha.
    If the Murph wants to find even skimpier bikinis, tell him to take you shopping on St. Barts...or somewhere in southern Europe where less is definitely more.
    Since leaving the Caribbean, I'm down to only one swimsuit. Imagine!

    1. I don't think I want the Murph to know where to buy me skimpier ones! lol When I was in the Caribbean I saw some women wearing bottoms only. They didn't need matched or mismatched tops! This was not me of course! I can't believe you only have one swimsuit! I can't even count how many I have now thanks to the Murph. Wonder how to get him to buy me more shoes like he does swimsuits!

  2. Girl, I don't know of one single 18 year old that looks this good on the beach! Please tell me that once in a while you have a big cheeseburger!

    1. Actually I do sometimes have a cheesburger but those days are rare. I am embarrassed to say that I raised my son on fast food since I don't cook much. My husband broke me of those bad habits. Now I'm so terrified of preservatives and chemicals in foods that it limits my safe foods. I was almost off processed foods until my cat was diagnosed with cancer. That put me over the processed food edge again, but with limits!

  3. When I saw pic 1, I thought you were crazy because it looks like you're standing in snow. But then I realized that I'm the one in Canada.

    1. Yes it's not snow that's for sure! It doesn't snow much in Florida in July. :) I thought even Canada gets a break from snow during the summer months.

      I have seen girls snow ski in their swimsuits back when we use to go to Colorado over spring break. I remember thinking "that's a great way to get a tan!" or frostbite!