Friday, April 19, 2013

Fashion Friday - My Favorite Running Skirt and Flip Flops

This is the best running skirt I've ever purchased. I got it at Lululemon's here in Birmingham a couple of years ago. As all the Lululemon running shorts and leggings I have purchased, it has a zipper in the back for holding car keys or money and several pockets on the outside and tucked away on the inside for GU, salt pills, anything you need to get your through a long run or race. It's also great to go from your run to running errands without looking to much like you just stepped out of the gym.

The flip flops came from Saks Fifth Avenue about four years ago and I've just about worn them out. They are perfect for the beach or for wearing before and after a triathlon in transition. I shove them in my race bag before I go to the swim start and change back into them at the end of the run to get out of sweaty racing flats. Just for the record, I do NOT run in them because that would just be stupid and slow me down.  I do wish I could find another pair exactly like these, but I so far no luck!

Running Skirt: Lululemon (similar here); Running Tank: Nike (old, but similar here ); Flip Flops: Juicy Couture (old, but similar here )


  1. Pretty.
    I almost regret selling my Lululemon skirt but I never wore it. Why did I buy it in the first place? Hello, it was cute! I actually thought I'd wear it walking/hiking but I never liked the white attached short-shorts underneath. They should've been black. Does yours have black bike shorts attached? If so, I may have to buy a new one when I get to Austin.
    Your hair looks different lately. Growing out the light blond? Either way, it looks great!

    1. My shorts have black shorts attached. I don't think I would like white ones either.

      I am finally doing what my hair dresser suggested a couple of years ago. I'm doing heavy blonde highlights instead of all over blonde hair color. It's healthier for hair and more natural looking. I hate it! The Murph likes it better this way. It's been three or four months now and I'm trying to wait and see if I can get use to it. I thought it would "grow" on me, but it hasn't. It looks darker in the pictures than in person. I don't like how it looks in pictures.

  2. Good to know re: the skort. I will probably get one at Lululemon in Austin. Just one of the many temptations that await me there...
    The hair is a big change because you've had it all over light blond for so long. It will take some time to get accustomed. I have to say, I like it! But I like the all over light blond too.