Friday, November 16, 2012

Saying Goodbye To Twinkies

By now I'm sure everyone has heard the sad news about Hostess, the makers of Twinkies, filing for bankruptcy - Here.   It really hits home with The Murph since his father is retired from working there 40+ years and Murph's first job during the summers was at Hostess making Twinkies.  

Well, he really made bread, not Twinkies, but I could just see him making Twinkies and Ding Dongs and it sounds more exciting than just plain old wonder bread or hot dog buns.  Anyway, it was his first legit job.

I even had our wedding cake baker put together a Hostess themed groom's cake in honor of The Murph for our wedding last month.  The cupcakes were all gobbled down first.  They were a hit.  We totally supported the brand and are a Hostess Twinkie, Cupcake, Ding Dong, Ho Ho family here.  Oh yea, and don't forget the pink snowballs.    

We are sad to see them go.  It's been a really bad day for The Murph today.

What is even worse is that The Murph's brother has worked Hostess for over 20 years and is now faced with loosing his job.  So sad.  An entire company going bankrupt and over 18,000 employees losing jobs over a union of 5,000 really dumb people who can't see the bigger picture and now no longer have a job at all.  So tragic how that small group can cause so many to suffer.  Not to mention an entire brand that's been around over 80 years.  


I think I am going to run over to the grocery store and load up on all my Hostess favorites, especially the Twinkies before they are sold out and gone forever.  Sometimes ingesting a little high fructose corn syrup is worth it.

Most of the time ingesting high fructose corn syrup is worth it!  Racing fuel.

Goodbye Twinkies.  Hard to believe you are going.   What's next?  Little Debbie snack cakes, Moon pies, Duncan Donuts?  Sure hope those companies aren't union controlled!


  1. Unions have gotten out of control. Surely not Moon Pies next. Those are special southern treats!
    As a child, I was more of a Little Debbie fan...oatmeal cream sandwich things, banana twin cakes, and those chewy chocolate-covered, flat round things...
    Sorry to hear about the Murph's brother's job being in jeopardy.
    That groom cake is spectacular.
    Yes, stock up while you can! As we all know, Twinkies never go bad. ;)

    1. My favorite little debbie snacks are the Christmas trees and the pumpkin spice cakes that come out this time of the year. I read somewhere that Twinkies never go bad. Must be the high fructose corn syrup.

  2. I'm sad to see Twinkies go, but as a member of a union, I know what many employers are like. When a multi-billion dollar company says "we need to claw back wages and benefits" I immediately wonder why? Gregory Rayburn, CEO of hostess, is rumoured to be paid over 4 million a year. That might be what the problem is.

    RIP to my all time favourite snack as a kid. Pink Snowballs.

    1. Knowing that the CEO was rumoured to be paid over 4 million a year might be what was holding the bakery union back, but there were 2 other unions involved and the other two (the majority) had agreed to terms. It's even sadder if the CEO refused to budge and give up some of that 4 million to get the union on board. He'd still have plenty of money.

      Greed destroyed the Twinkie. :(

  3. If the rumours about twinkles never going bad are true, then hopefully there will still be some around for a while. But I'm afraid my pink snowballs will melt into extinction.

  4. Just heard tonight that there are more negotiations yet to come. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

    1. I heard that the judge told them to try to mediate and they are going to do it today. Maybe the Twinkie will be saved as well as (and more importantly) all the jobs!