Monday, April 29, 2013

Long Run, Breakfast With Friends and Taking Over The Man Cave

Image from Another Broken Egg Cafe Birmingham, AL

Saturday I had a much needed break from running races, almost all of them fast, sprint races, even though one was a hilly 15k and hard to sprint, but the hills made up for it. I seriously needed a long, slow run because I haven't run more than 1 hour and 1/2 straight in over a month. My friend L, who use to be known as the running nazi, but now I will refer to her as Little L, wanted to take me to breakfast after our run since I am moving in a week.

Several of us met at 6:30 a.m. and ran. Only four of us ran the full 10 mile run and then went to Another Broken Egg Cafe to eat breakfast. Sweet Little L treated all of us and it was delicious! It was me, Little L, Mel and our running buddy, K, who looks like Morgan Freeman and I suspect might be the real Morgan so I will call him that on here. I felt honored to dine with such famous peeps! I didn't have my camera to take pictures, but I found these online that look exactly like what we ate from Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Image from  - French Toast

Image from - Belgian waffle 

I had delicious french toast, Morgan had the Belgian waffle, Little L had a veggie omelet and Mel had the gluten free pancake. I wish there had been more gluten free menu options around when the Boy was little.

Image from - veggie omelet

Image from - gluten free pancake

I am planning to run 13 miles with them this weekend since I'll still be here. Actually, I will still be here for several weekends until the house is sold or until we list it with a realtor. We had a very successful open house Sunday despite the rain and the fact the only ad was the open house sign we put out by the road.

I was using the Murph's man cave/office on my laptop in between showings during the open house to keep my laptop out of the way. The Murph did not really like this one bit. My cats were at my feet while I was in there and he really didn't like that either. He came in and pointed out several times that this was his man cave, no girls allowed. He pointed to his man cave plaque that was above my head.

I told him I wasn't doing anything girlie in his man cave, but this didn't reassure him. I also tried to convince him that I was authorized personnel since I am his wife now. According to the Murph, this fact still didn't authorize me. He was extremely relieved when the open house was over and me and my laptop moved back into the family room which is a co-ed zone where girls are allowed.

This morning I was informed that I had left a glass with lipstick marks on it in the man cave. I immediately went to get the offending lipstick covered glass, but the Murph said he had already "taken care of the evidence." He also informed me that he sensed a "presence" in his man cave. A girlie one and he didn't like it. Not in the man cave.

It will probably take a few days for his man cave to get back to normal. Maybe I should call a priest to help speed up the process.