Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Running On Clearwater Beach And Indian Rocks Beach

Running and cycling are the best ways to explore a new area or to see your old area in a different way. That's my opinion anyway.


The past couple of months I've been running and exploring my new city. Yesterday I ran in Clearwater Beach, Florida. If you are following me on Instagram you have seen some of the photos I take of the scenery on my runs. I can't imagine a more perfect place to run than here!

Clearwater Beach, Florida
Clearwater Beach, Florida

You can't see from these photos, but the public beach area was getting a little crowded as I was leaving because Clearwater Beach has the Sunset at Pier 60 Festival every day from 4 to 8pm. The beach area near the pier and on the pier was full of street performers, kids, pirates, vendors, entertainment, etc.

Clearwater Beach

A quieter, less touristy beach that I love running on is Indian Rocks Beach. Not many high rise condos here, just a few and lots of old houses and quaint shops and restaurants.

 I love running here too! I usually run along to sidewalk, but occasionally on the actual beach.

My pink Mizunos
Indian Rocks Beach

Indian Rocks Beach
Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

I love those pink polka dot towels. Just bring a good book and relax! After a long run, of course!


  1. It looks like a pretty area. I've been to that area - Tampa - only once, to pick up a yacht delivery to Marathon FL. The main thing I remember was I was freezing! Random cold fronts at sea are NO fun. Anyway, it's good to explore new surroundings on foot.

  2. There seems to be a lot of cold fronts coming through right now and the wind off the ocean makes it brutal. No where near as cold as Pensacola though and the cold doesn't last long here.