Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strange Things That Happen In Our Yard At Night

Yesterday the mulch in this area of our front yard was evenly spread with no dirt showing.  I didn't notice any strangeness when I arrived home around 6:45pm last night after taking Phantom to Bluepearl Specialty animal clinic for a checkup. Sometime during the night, something came into our yard, crept up right next to our living room window and created this thing that I can only describe as some sort of weird nest.

We discovered the strange nest as the Murph was leaving for work this morning. It looks like two nests side by side. Were there two strange animals sleeping side by side in our yard last night? My first thought is that the nest was made by one of those weird birds that hang out around here. Many different species of strange, very large birds that like to hang out in yards and on the neighbor's rooftops. I've even seen some folks feeding them. Some of these birds are taller than I am. There was an entire flock of white loons (or something)  down the street from us this morning, eating breakfast in a neighbor's yard about 5 houses down.

If this wasn't made by birds, then what? Turtles? Snakes?? I hear the the Everglades are being taken over by pythons, pets that were released in the area are multiplying. It is predicted that these "pet snakes" are migrating out of the Everglades to surrounding areas 100's of miles away. One day they are predicted to be as far north of Alabama and Tennessee. Tampa is uncomfortably much closer to the Everglades than those states. Could pythons already be here? Do they make nests to sleep in at night? Since they are nocturnal, do they even need a nest to sleep in at night? Do they sleep at all?

Alligators don't curl up in comfy round nests in front yards do they?

I know I'm worrying about this for absolutely no reason. I'm sure the nest in my front yard was made by something cute and fluffy, not something slithery, creepy or anything with sharp teeth. Nothing poisonous either.

Tonight I am going to keep a look out on the "nesting" area from a safe distance on the other side of the living room window and see if anything strange happens.


  1. My guess is a neighbor's cat. Or something from a horror movie. Take your pick.

    1. If it's a cat then it's a really big cat. Hopefully it isn't something from a horror movie. Or aliens! In that case, I pick neighbor's cat.