Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa's Lap

I met my friend K today for lunch and Christmas shopping.  We decided not to take any chances and make sure Santa knows exactly what we want for Christmas, so we joined the line of 5 year olds to sit in his lap.  I joked with the Santa photographer that K was on the naughty list, but I was on the nice list.  I'm not sure if she believed me though.

K and I have been friends since 8th grade, but I am embarrassed to say that we haven't seen each other much the last 15 years.   I kept her son D when I had my daycare back when he and The Boy were preschoolers.  Then K had a little girl and quit work to stay home with her children, The Boy started kindergarten, I closed my daycare and then the years flew by.

While I've seen pictures of her daughter, I have never actually seen her in person and she's 15 years old now!  How did that happen?  We discussed it today.  Life just passes so fast and before you know it years go by.   I guess once The Boy started school my nightmare began.  IEP's, speech therapy, his zoning out in class, ADD, anxiety, depression, parent/teacher conferences, therapy appointments, then finally the Asperger's diagnosis when he was in 8th grade.  Where was I?  Buried in it all that's where!  Depressed at that point myself, trying to keep my head above water, trying to keep him up with me.

I am so thankful that K and I just picked right up where we left off last time we saw each other like it was yesterday instead of years ago.  I think I've only seen her maybe 3 times in the last 15 years, although we have kept up with each other on Facebook the past few years.

The Boy called today to tell me had two finals completed and 2 more to go and he thinks he made all A's and B's in his classes.  He's doing so much better in college than he did in high school.  I am so thankful for that.  And so thankful we made it through those rough years.

K and I didn't get much Christmas shopping done, but we did find some shoes we liked and then we had fun trying on the sequin Ugg boots and taking pictures and posting them on Twitter so our fashionable friend S could be totally disgusted by them.  We're just mature like that.

I did kind of like the pair below, but they didn't have my size.  The silver pair above just didn't do it for me.  Maybe it was just the way they clashed with the black tights.


  1. I love it when a friendship runs deep enough that you can pick up where you've left off- you are lucky for that!

  2. I'm relieved the blinged out Uggs weren't in your size.
    Yes, we are all so mature...
    The cool black boots you bought, please post them soon.

    1. If they had the blinged out pink ones it would have been tempting! I am going to try to do a post with the black boots on Friday.