Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Party

Friday night we had our 2nd annual Christmas party.  It was a small gathering since it's so close to Christmas and we had several friends who couldn't make it because they were either out of town or had other family obligations.  We put 7:30 on the Evite, but when nobody was here at 8:15 we thought for sure that nobody was going to show up.  The Murph and I got excited and thought we would be able to put on our pj's and watch a movie.  Then everyone showed up at once.   We ended up having about a dozen people.  We thought they wouldn't stay long and move on somewhere else for a late night drink or two somewhere other than our house, but at midnight they were all still here.  Everyone seemed to have a great time.  The Murph and I ended up having a great time after we got over the disappointment that we wouldn't be able to put on our pj's just yet.

I made sausage balls, sweet and spicy nuts, crab and avocado on toasted baguettes, stuffed olives, 2 kinds of chips and dips,  fruit and cheese trays, and ricotto and honey bruschetta  I picked up a veggie platter, cheese straws, petitie fours, wedding cookies and peppermint bark.

Everybody brought their choice of wine to drink, but I made a champagne punch with cranberry juice and frozen orange juice and had soft drinks and other bar mixers and liquors set out, including egg nog and rum.

I didn't get a lot of pictures of everyone once they got here and the Babysitter showed up late and refused to have her picture made because she knew they would be all over Facebook the next day.  So these are all I managed to get.

Everybody must have had a good time because nobody would leave so The Murph had to throw them all out promptly at midnight.  It was way past our bedtime.  We are not in our twenties anymore!   We slept in on Saturday and were totally useless the entire day.  

We didn't even get our workout in on Saturday which is almost unheard of!  I made up for it today by running 10 miles with little L (former Running Nazi) and then going to the gym and spinning for 30 minutes and about 10 minutes of weights.  

After running I finished up the rest of my Christmas shopping early this morning and picked up a honey baked ham at the HoneyBaked ham store.  I love those things!  It was great not having to wait in lines or dodge traffic!  No crowds at the mall yet!  Only us runners that early on a Sunday morning.  I was home by 10 a.m.  

Now I just have to wrap everything and get ready for my family and the Babysitter to come over Christmas day for lunch.  And the Boy comes home tonight from his dad's house.


  1. You look gorgeous. All that FOOOOOD, impressive!
    I went to the mall today for a quick in/out. Because I had my trusty driver(!) do a drop off/pick up, it was quick in and out. I even had time to snap some pics of the trash-strewn water fountain and admire the cigarette butts thrown about. And had my foot run over by a 3-4 seater metal stroller/luggage carrier thing. And yes, it was crowded, too. But I got what I needed and got the heck outta there.
    Tomorrow morning, I get groceries. Fingers crossed it's not too pack in the a.m.
    And good for you, making up for lost workout time today. I'm just beyond impressed. :)

    1. Thanks Steph! I experimented on some new foods since the group was smaller. Next year I'm doing dips or a big ham or something that doesn't require so much work! I saw the pics you posted of all the trash around that fountain. Sad!! Hope your foot is okay. What's wrong with people!

  2. You outdid yourself from decor, food to fashion. Happy holidays, dear!

    1. We had way too much food for such a small group that generally prefers their calories in liquid form at parties if you know what I mean! We've been snacking for two days now on the leftovers.