Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It Was The Shoes That Distracted Me...

Charlotte Olympia velvet pumps

This morning as always I got on facebook to see what was going on in all my FB friend's worlds since the night before.  I didn't get very far when I saw Net-a-Porters new status update featuring these pussy cat pumps.  Being a cat lover, it caught my attention immediately so I clicked on the link and quickly became immersed in all Net-A-Porter's new arrivals.  Click here to see all the cuteness for yourself, but be warned this is extremely time consuming and will take up most of your day.

Below are just a handful of the things I love and are now on my wish list.

Burberry Merino wool scarf

Juicy Couture cashmere track pants
Juicy Couture cashmere hooded jacket

T By Alexander Wang

Mara Hoffman georgette beach dress

Herve Leger

Ksubi Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

And an all time favorite that look very much like my Michael Kors Rain boots or I would already have purchased a pair....

Hunter Rain boots

Because of the shoe distraction, I was an hour and 1/2 late going to the gym to work out this morning.  This made The Murph late too since he was nice enough to wait for me.  I just told him my computer was being really, really slow this morning and I had some really "important" things to do before I left.  I'm probably going to stay away from pinterest today so I can at least get some things done around the house.  Our second annual Christmas party is coming up in a couple of weeks and our house looks more like Christmas elves vomited all over it rather than the look I was going for, which was more of a professional interior decorated look.  I guess if I wanted a professional design look I should have hired a professional!

Note- I am not getting compensated in any way for the items in this post or from Net-a-Porter.  These are just things I personally like. 


  1. Those velvet kitty shoes are super cute. It would have distracted me too.

    1. It's easy to be distracted by shoes or cats, but put the two together and that's it for the day.

  2. Im not a big fan of cats, but I do love shoes myself. My friends often make fun of me because I have certain shoes that I take out of the box once or twice a year. Usually women are the only ones who understand.

    1. You should post pics of them on your blog. Any post that involves shoes is always a hit. You would probably like a cat like Phantom. He's more like a dog but he doesn't have to be taken outside at 4 a.m. He goes to the litter box by himself.

  3. Except for the boyfriend jeans (aren't you a skinny jeans girl?) I can see you in any of these items.
    People may bash Juicy Couture tracksuits (and me for saying this) but the plain ones have their place in my wardrobe: they're high quality, a great fit, comfortable, AND look great for the gym or around the house. I have worn my plain black terry tracksuit almost to death. In fact, it will need replacing soon.

    1. I am a skinny jeans girl but I have soooo many of them. I really like this distressed and rolled at the bottom look. I definitely would like a pair like these for spring. I love my Juicy Couture black tracksuit. I'm a sparkly dressy kind of person too. There's a time and a place for everything...