Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hey Eugene

I just wanted to share the latest song that is stuck in my head.  Not since Nicki Minaj's "Starships" have I had a song that's driving me nuts.  What makes this even worse than that time when "Starships" was stuck in my head is the fact that The Murph now plays this CD every night when he goes to bed and then again every morning when he wakes up.  Which means that I hear it every night when I'm going to bed and every morning when I wake up.  At least when "Starships" was stuck it my head it was only on my ipod and therefore self-inflicted.  I'm pretty sure The Murph doesn't have a Nicki Minaj CD hidden somewhere among John Coltrane and Thelonius Monk.  Where he came across this CD by Pink Martini I'll never know.  He's kind of non-mainstream when it comes to music.  I like that about him.

The Murph usually has some non-offensive jazz CD playing at night and in the morning, but he dug this Pink Martini one out the other day because he said he thought I would LIKE it.  When I first heard the song "Hey Eugene", which is the very first song on the CD,  I thought it was the strangest, stupidest song I had ever heard.  Before I knew it though, I was going through the house singing "HEY EUGENE" at the top of my lungs.  I started calling Phantom "Phantom Eugene" and then all the cats became Eugene and I was singing/yelling at them "Hey Eugene!  Are you theeerre Eugene!  I say hello, Eugene!  HELLOOO EUGENE!!" and now the cats aren't sure who or what or which one of them is Eugene, but what they do seem to know is it's extremely annoying.  In other words, I'm extremely annoying.  Now they are all collectively called "Eugene", not Phantom, Cadence or Ed.

They've started avoiding me unless they want kitty Party mix.

While the song is questionable at this point, I do like the bands name, Pink Martini.  It reminds me of the signature drink at our wedding.   A pink martini.  French martini.  Love them!  If I had a band, I would love to call it Pink Martini.  Only that name is taken now and I'm a really awful singer.  Just ask anyone who's ever heard me.

Things have calmed down a little today and I think I've only called Cadence "Eugene" just once, but I'm pretty sure I'll hear the song again tonight when I'm getting ready for bed.  Then it will start all over again.  The Boy's picked a good week to spend some time over at his dad's and away from me and that darn song.   Aside from that time he took violin lessons and that time he taught himself how to play an electric guitar because he wanted to be in a band, he's not a music fan, especially not jazz and especially, especially not whatever this "Hey Eugene" music is called.  I honestly don't think it fits any musical category, but what I do know is that it sticks in your head and you can't get it out.

"Hey Eugene! Are you there, Eugene?"

Make it stop!


  1. Pink Martini is fab! I have a couple of their CDs, "Hang on Little Tomato" and "Sympathique". Good stuff. You may like Paris Combo. Ask the Murph, he'll know of them.
    I'm not family with Nicki Manij. Should I be? If it's pop, forget it. lol

  2. Nicki Manaj is very pop. You wouldn't like her songs. I heard Starships when little Sophia Grace and Rosie sang it on Ellen. Then I looked it up on youtube because I didn't know who Nicki Minaj was and it got stuck in my head. I will see if either of those two songs are on the Pink Martini CD. Most of the songs are not in English.

  3. This actually is a great post. I do like Pink
    Martini's song here, but you're right--its very catchy