Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You Only Live Twice and Me and Mr. Frosty

Me:  Jacket - BeBe, Dress - BeBe (old), Scarf - Chan Luu, Tights - Express, Cowboy Boots - Durango  
Mr. Frosty:  Hat - Vintage, Scarf - Vintage, Mittens - Vintage
The Christmas season is about the only time I ever wear red other than the red cowboy boots.  I wear them whenever I can despite my husband begging me not too.  He hates cowboy boots!  Whenever I wear them, he cringes when anyone compliments me on them and usually says something like, "Pleeeease!!  Don't encourage her!!"  I also have black one and brown ones.  He doesn't like them either!

This red jacket is on its third Christmas season now and looks like new since it gets worn a maximum of two months out of the year.  Actually only about 2 weeks out of those two months gets cold enough to wear it here in the South.  It's not that I don't love it, I do, it's just that I'm more of a pink person, not red.  I don't know what it is about Christmas that makes me pull out my red clothing.  Even my nails get redder at Christmas.

Two months ago for the wedding I went with a french manicure and did the pink and white acrylic.  Whenever I get a french manicure done, I always do pink and white instead of white tips because it lasts longer and to me looks better.  After the wedding, I moved on to a darker, eggplant shade, Lincoln Park After Dark, for Autumn.  Now it's all about the holidays and there is a really great OPI James Bond Skyfall Collection out.  It has some really cool, sparkly, shimmery shades.  I chose OPI You Only Live Twice.  It's a perfect magenta red with lots of holiday shimmer.  I'm really loving it in place of the more pinker shades that I normally wear.

That's me and Mr. Frosty.  He's been hanging out on the porch every Christmas since The Boy was a toddler.  My photographer, aka my husband (I love saying that!) should have told me to straighten out the belt on my jacket, but didn't.  He probably didn't even notice.  I guess I should be glad he's willing to do it.  The cats have all learned to run when I go near the camera.  That's one reason why there are less pictures of them on here these days unless they are almost asleep.  The refuse to participate.

I bought this candle at Bath and Body Works yesterday and it smells wonderful.  The entire house smelled like cookie dough last night.  Lots of vanilla and a warm buttery sweet smell.  It almost inspired me to make sugar cookies.  I use to do that every year with The Boy, but it just doesn't seem fun to do anymore by myself now that he's grown.  Maybe when he gets home next week I can convince him to help me.  I don't have to convince him to eat them.

I got the Christmas stamps I ordered in the mail today so tomorrow my Christmas cards are going out.

I am really loving this OPI color.  Perfect for Christmas!


  1. Your coat is gorgeous! I have to say I'm more of a pink person but I think every girl should have a red pair of heels and a red trench. After saying I don't own a red trench but I do live in North QLD, Australia which is hotter than hot! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

    1. A pair of red heels would be great! I haven't had a pair of those in years.

  2. I like that pretty red coat on you and I remember it from last year. ;) I don't even own a coat. I figure down here in the Texas Tropics, it's pointless to spend money on something I won't get to wear.
    Nothing at all wrong with cowboy boots. The Murph is wrong! ;) In fact, I wish I'd kept mine, especially now that I live in Texas.

    1. You will probably see the coat again this time next year too! Until then it spends most of the time in the closet.