Saturday, September 7, 2013

Traveling South In Florida

 Here's the reason why I haven't posted anything for a couple of days. I'm at the beach. Not the beach I live on, but another beach further south in Florida. Thursday we packed up Phantom and drove down to the Tampa/St Pete area because the Murph had a job interview. The drive took up about 7 hours from Pensacola Beach, but Phantom and I handled it very well. I did better because I drove 2 1/2 hours of the drive. That was the part where the Murph didn't do very well.

He was glad to take over the wheel again.

Phantom slept most of it. I let him out of his crate twice to use his litter box and stretch his legs by jumping into the way back area of the SUV where I couldn't get to him. He was very cooperative though and came to me when I called him because he thought he was getting out of the car. He is a very good traveler and a sweet kitty.

While I was running yesterday in St. Pete,  I went into two different pet boutiques and purchased this cool backpack, rolling carrier for Phantom. I also purchased a bigger halter that actually fits him so we can take him outside with us without him running off. He loves being outside, but can hide inside the backpack if he gets scared.

I put him on my back and went to the hotel's out door grill for lunch while we were waiting for the Murph to get back from his job interview. Phantom would go from "wanting to explore and attack the birds" to "I'm scared! I better hide!" The backpack was his "safe" spot.

He did really well with the new halter. Much better than the other halter I have for him. I didn't get any good pictures of it though. Just a bunch of strange looks from the other tourists. I guess they've never seen a cat on a leash before.

Good news is...

1. The Murph got a job offer so it looks like we might be moving down here. Good news because he got a job, but bad news we have to leave Pensacola Beach. We LOVE it there, but we can love Tampa/St. Pete too. The beaches are HUGE!! Like on steroids huge!

2. I found not one, but two vets who specialize in holistic medicine down here and have called and emailed them to see if they can help Phantom fight his cancer holistically. I am very, very exited about this because I found zero vets in Alabama or the pan handle of Florida that does holistic stuff.

I stopped the Palladia after he threw up the last pills. I think they helped stop the cancer spread, but now I'm looking for holistic stuff that will take over where the Palladia left off.

In October we go to Miami for the half ironman triathlon. I feel like I've suddenly become a total beach bum, taking a tour of many different beaches! Florida beaches this time. It reminds me of when I went to visit a dear friend in Tortolla and her husband took us on a tour of all the beaches on the island. We circled the entire island and hit all the best spots. I was amazed at the difference in all the beaches on that small island. Some rocky, some smooth and crystal clear, some with huge surfing waves. It was so fun!

What are some of your favorite beaches?

That's all for now because I have to get a work out in and then hit the beach!


  1. What good friends you have, taking you around to the Tortola beaches! I'll bet there was an obligatory stop at Bomba Shack..
    Those friends will have to visit you in Tampa, surely.
    Good luck with everything.
    I like Phantom's carrier, so clever!

    1. eYes friend, there was a stop at Bomba Shack! Also, those friends will be welcome anytime they want to visit us in Tampa. :)

  2. The cat looks like he's having a good time o his vacay!

    1. He loves it anytime it's just us and him. So spoiled!