Friday, August 24, 2012

Wedding Invitations and Addresses

I am so excited because our wedding invitations have arrived and they do look very lovely!  They turned out exactly as we had imagined and now we have to get the envelopes off to the calligrapher to be addressed.

I informed the Murph a couple of weeks ago when we had the final proof and ordered them that we needed to have all the addresses by the time they came in so we could get them off as soon as possible. Do you think that happened?

Heck no!  We are both such procrastinators!  I had most of my addresses of family and close friends from my real estate days when I sent all kinds of things out to them reminding them "Hey, I'm a Realtor!  I need business.  Here's a Christmas card, an Easter card, something for Ground Hog day..."

The only addresses I don't have are of my friends who have moved.  The Murph on the other hand, has his own personal way to handle things.  He sends out a group text on his cell phone asking for mailing addresses today as I'm getting the rest of my addresses.  I reminded him that this was suppose to be done a week ago, he says, "See, no problem!  I have all my addresses right here!"   At this point he hands me his cell phone with about half of his addresses that we are missing.

It's hard to be upset with the Murph.  He thinks he did such a great job and is so happy about it.  To be honest, it isn't a big deal.  This is a very small wedding and we are only inviting about 50 of our closest friends and family so it shouldn't take long to get the missing addresses or for the calligrapher to get them addressed.

At some point it will get done...


  1. 50 people isn't too bad and you should be able to finish up. And the Murph did a good job too.

    1. I have most of the addresses too. Just a few more to go. Then to get them addressed and mailed out!