Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sharing The Cuteness

Here are two of the Boy's projects from kindergarten and first grade that I've hung onto for the past 15 years. Sadly, it time for them to go.  I just can't move deteriorating posters around for the next 40 or 50 years. But first I decided to take pictures of them so I would always have them always just in a different way.  So I took the pictures of the boards and then pulled the pictures off of them.  It's much easier to store pictures that way so they won't take up as much space.

Then I decided to share the cuteness of the Boy when he was little.

I had a home daycare back then.  That's why I have all these hungry, rambunctious children in the photos with Steven.  Now I only have hungry, rambunctious cats.

A little younger here on the swing.  It was a great swing.  Everybody should have one. Swings that is.

This was the Boy with our first bad pet, a dalmatian named Spot.  When standing, this was the only safe way to approach Spot.  At arm's length.  Spot was on a chain.  All the kids knew to stay outside of Spot's chain boundary or they would get knocked down and licked or chewed on.

Sitting down next to Spot was safer, especially if Spot had a stuffed animal to chew on and distract him.    Wearing a firefighter hat offered head protection should Spot get bored with the stuffed toy.  This picture also reminds me of the that time when the Boy seemed to always want to put his hand down in an inappropriate spot. This was very embarrassing!  Luckily, he finally out grew this unfortunate behavior before he started school.

Of course Spot was the inspiration for the Boy's Halloween costume that year.

First haircut.  As hard as this was for him, it was worse for me. I still have this length of hair safely tucked away in his baby book. My entire family was appalled that I let his hair grow this long.  He was almost three years old.

The Boy and his new do. The "bowl" cut!

The first, last and only time the Boy attempted baseball.  It may look like he was having fun in this picture but he wasn't.  It was a nightmare.  I think this was the only time during the season that he ran the bases.  A proud moment, but just one moment.  That was enough!

He actually loved snow skiing and was much better than I was. I was an embarrassment to him the last time we went snow skiing and I attempted snow boarding with him. Lets just say he did a lot a waiting at the bottom of the bunny slope for me to slide down on my butt.

Kindergarten graduation!  He's wearing red.

My favorite one is this one of the Boy in his great-grandmother's lap.  My grandmother.  She passed away when I was going through the divorce from the Boy's dad. I'm glad she didn't know because she would have worried about me and I was fine.  Always am.   I miss her everyday!

That's enough cuteness for one night and speaking of cute, the Murph is eating all the pizza!

Who knows what I'll uncover during tomorrow's clean out.


  1. I too enjoy looking at old pictures of my son. They do grow up so fast and I never thought I'd say that. My grandma was great too. Everyone was afraid of her except me.

    1. I don't think anyone was ever afraid of my grandmother except maybe the two men her married her daughters - my dad and uncle!

  2. Awesome pics! So sweet:)

  3. It's amazing looking at old pictures, how it brings back memories. I love them!

    1. I had both those posters hanging in the boy's bedroom for years before I packed them away. I love looking through old stuff like that. I don't like moving them around and storing them though!