Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rumpshaker 5k and Happy Easter!

Image from David Christy Photography
Saturday I ran in the Rumpshaker 5k voted best 5k in Birmingham. It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for a 5k race. The race was held at historic Sloss Furnace and benefited colon cancer research. It was a huge race with lots of teams of walkers as well as runners. Most of the teams had cute names such as This Toot shall pass, Best Butties, Wise Cracks, ASSteroids, Your Own Worst Enema etc. I've never seen so many people wearing big plastic butt cheeks over their running pants.

Since it was Easter weekend, there was a also a 1 mile Bunny walk/run, a Bunny parade and you could get your pictures made with the Easter bunny. I passed on getting my picture made with the Easter bunny, but I did walk through the giant inflatable colon.
Image from
So that's what the inside of a colon looks like. Not just any old colon, but a colon with polyps.

I felt great the entire run and pushed as hard as I could trying to get in under 24 minutes. I made it in 23:09 and was extremely happy with that time. I placed second in my age group. Afterward I ran 2 more miles with my friend, L to make it a total of 5 miles for the day. Then Sunday we ran 5 miles in the rain. She ran 7, but I quit at 5 and went to the gym and rode the spin bike. My legs are extremely sore right now!

My family came over to eat lunch with us for Easter. My mom also took more furniture with her so we won't have to put it in storage. We also sold the Boy's car this weekend. He called Thursday and told me just to PLEEASE get rid of it for him. He couldn't find a place to store it and it couldn't continue to sit in the driveway deteriorating, not to mention we are selling the house. I'm so happy it's gone! He is too!

I made deviled eggs and the Murph cooked a ham. This is probably the first Easter since the Boy was born that I didn't dye Easter eggs. Funny, but I sure don't miss the mess!

We've got a ton of leftover ham so the Murph is making his famous ham and bean soup.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


  1. Love that shade of pink on you!
    I wish I couldn't been there to walk through the giant colon. Fun, fun. I'm serious. But I'd have to give the plastic butt cheeks a miss. Maybe next time.
    You should come here for the Beach to Bay event, America's largest relay marathon...whatever that is. It's May 18th.

    1. I love that shade of pink. The Murph got that for me for valentines day. I wish you could've been at the race too. It was fun! I will google the Beach to bay event. It might be fun to try it!

  2. I'm glad you guys had a good Easter and the food looked wonderful. I think I've heard of the sloss furnace before, but I think it's haunted? Anyway, I'm glad the run went well and the colon with polyps looked pretty cool too. My dad had skin cancer before he passed so anything that raises awareness is great.

    1. Hope you guys had a happy Easter as well. You are right, Sloss furnace is supposde to be haunted. A worker was killed there many years ago. Now it's just a historic landmark in Birmingham, AL. Sorry about your dad! Skin cancer is bad!

  3. You really do look like you're in tip top form dear. Happy belated Easter to you and yours

    1. Thanks! Hope you had a happy Easter too!