Friday, March 22, 2013

Cause There's Nothing Like Smelling Like Cat Urine All Day

I'm exhausted! Almost too exhausted to even attempt to do a halfway decent blog post so I apologize if I begin to ramble. Yesterday topped all of the crazy days this week! The cleaning service came to clean a house that hasn't been thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom in years. And we have three cats and a son who blows in from college every now and then to contribute to the mess.

Needless to say what we thought would be a four hour job lasted all day. They got here at 8 and left at 5 completely worn out. The supervisor came by twice and they even had to bring in a couple of extras to help move things along.

Cadence and Ed hid under beds immediately but Phantom was a little braver as long as nobody was vacuuming. I knew the carpet cleaner was coming for the third time to clean the boy's area downstairs which is also where Phantom hangs out most of time. Phantom had to go to the vet for a follow up appointment so I called the vet to see if he could be worked in since it was so busy around the house.

Phantom: NO! Don't take me back to that place!

He wasn't seeing his usual vet since I worked him in last week and I kept him with the same vet for the follow up since that vet knew what was going on. I went to drop Phantom off around noon and find out that the vet is at lunch and won't be back until 2:30. I didn't really want Phantom to have to stay there that long but I thought they would take him out of his cramped carrier and put him in a bigger cage with a litter box.

Apparently this didn't happen because the vet called me at 3 after he had seen Phantom and after giving me the prognosis he said Phantom had urinated in the carrier and they were going to have to clean it. I must have gotten there before they had the chance because as I was carrying Phantom I noticed a very stinky urine smell.

I put the carrier with Phantom crammed in it in the front seat of the car and let Phantom out of the stinkiness. Unfortunately, Phantom's entire rear end area is soaking wet with urine. His paws were wet and he left a trail of stinky wet paw prints all over me and the car. His carrier was soaked!

I feel so bad!

All I had was a small package of Kleenex that I use to try to dry Phantom and me and the car off with. Phantom tolerated this momentarily before I got a little to aggressive and he gave me a little warning nip. He's pissed! And stinky! The entire car is stinky! When I picked Phantom up I get nice fresh cat urine all over me too. Phantom and I both end up covered in it.

When I get home the maids are still there so I wait and wait and wait, but by the time they leave I have to go with the Murph to meet a guy who wants to buy his car, the "Silver Bullet", not Mac Daddy, the car with the jazzy theme song.  We're keeping that one.

Then we go for workout number 2 at the gym. Then out to grab a bite for dinner.

All this time I have had no shower! And I smell like cat urine!

When I finally get to take a shower I discover that the maids have cleaned the shower doors so good that they now are not on the track. I give it a yank to try to get out and the entire structure comes apart from the wall. I can't get out and the glass doors look like they could crash onto the floor any minute. I yelled for the Murph to come save me but he can't hear because he's got jazz Cd's playing as loud as he can get them.

Finally I manage to escape. The doors are still perched precariously against the frame, but I'm out! I told the Murph when I first moved in that those kind of glass shower doors are way out of style now according to the guys who remodeled my master bath a few years ago. He should thank me that I've almost demolished the entire frame so it will be easy to get them down now and replace them with something more modern.

Anyway you'll be happy to know I don't smell like cat urine anymore. Especially if you're one of those people I work out next to at the gym.

There's nothing worse than smelling like cat urine except being stuck in the shower of hell.


  1. There's nothing like having dinner when you haven't showered. Especially when you're wearing eau d'urine lol. And a bathroom remodel will definitely help you sell your house.

    1. Luckily it was a sports bar kind of dinner with plenty of smoke lingering in the air to kill the urine smell and with march madness going on everybody in there was focused on their "brackets" whatever the heck that means. lol
      A bathroom remodel is not in the plans. We'll have to fix the shower door though.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day.
    Cat pee... That smell is hard to remove!

    1. I don't smell pee around here anymore. Hope that means me and the cat are clean and it didn't get anywhere else. I don't even smell it in the car. Or maybe I've just gotten use to it....