Monday, March 11, 2013

What's Been Going On Around Here

Image from Argus Finch FB
I saw this on my FB feed this morning and LOVE it!  Not just because it has cats on it.  This one reminds me of Ed's attitude regarding yoga poses.  We have a lot of attitude in this house!

Speaking of attitude, a friend of mine was wearing these really great arm warmers during the race a few weeks ago.  Love them!

Some Girls Chase Boys
I pass'em
I don't know who the guy is in the above photo, but from the look on his face he doesn't appreciate getting passed by girls during a race.

This past weekend my Saturday run choices were getting up at 5am and meeting some friends to do a 9 mile run, doing a 5k race that didn't start until 8:30am or sleeping in and going to the gym with the Murph.  It was a beautiful day but I chose option number 3, sleeping in!  No run at all on Saturday.  I had also planned on doing at least 3 hours on the spin bike since for years Saturday has always been "long" bike ride day.

I slept in, went to the gym, did 1 hour on the spin bike and then went to get a manicure and a pedicure.

Totally blew my workout Saturday!   After I got my nails done, the Murph and I did go back to the gym and I did 30 minutes of weights and crunches so I'm hoping that makes up for the failed bike ride. I got up early Sunday and ran almost 13 miles with a friend (who I can no longer call the running nazi or she'll hit me), but you know who I mean.

I love daylight savings time, but I've heard complaints everywhere.  Seems I'm one of the few people who actually likes it.  I guess nobody likes losing an hour.

My friend (who use to be called the running nazi) texted me Sunday morning to make sure we were still meeting.  Really it was to make sure I remembered to set my clock ahead an hour.  I texted back that "sure I reset my clocks and was good to go."

Just to make sure I was on the right page she then texted "okay, see you in 40 MINUTES."

She knows me too well.   I can totally bail on a normal, non-time changing morning.  Who knows what I could manage to do when I lose an hour in the morning.  Not to mention she knew we were going out the night before and the last time I did that I had that margarita mishap and failed to show for a morning run.  That one was different though because the entire group was running, not just me and her and I hadn't really totally 100% committed that morning so things were cool.

After the run on Sunday I went to the gym and did some time on the spin bike to make up for Saturday and then did lower body weights.  My overall workout time for the week was 30 minutes more than the week before so I was happy.  I'm going to try to get over 12 hours of workout time this week and then cut back next week to about 8 hours.  I'm hoping to average around 15 hours a week for the summer by adding swim workouts and longer bike rides on my real bike, not the trainer or spin bike.

The Boy is home from college for the week.  We drove 8 hours to get him on Friday and it was a long ride back, especially when he decided to take his shoes and socks off.  It smelled like he must have been wearing those same socks all semester although he says they were clean.  He also said he washed clothes at least 3 times this semester, but from the load of dirty laundry, I have my doubts.  And the smell of it all!  His shoes had to go back on his feet while in the car or we weren't going to make it.

I didn't want to touch the basket of overflowing dirty garments, sheets and towels the Boy had in his room, but the Boy had his hands full with books and computers, the Murph had the rolling suitcase so it seemed I was going to be stuck with the nasty smellies. I knew that somehow I was going to have to convince the Murph to switch with me without him realizing why I wanted to switch.

Being the gentleman that he is, he saw me hesitate over the basket and thinking that it was because of the heaviness of the basket, he immediately offered me the rolling suitcase since it was easier.  I grabbed it and ran!

Once outside, the Murph looked down at the basket of nasty smellies he was carrying and wrinkled his nose and realized his mistake. I started laughing and he immediately realized what I had done. Luckily for me he was a good sport about it.  I mean, that basket was smelly!

Image from FB

Tomorrow the Boy has a dentist appointment which should be "fun"as usual and then I'm going to have to try to convince him to get a hair cut. He still wants his hair to grow down his back even though he will look like a girl. This is probably somehow my fault from back when he was a toddler and I let his hair grow out and didn't want to get it cut because I thought it looked cute.

Now it's not so cute like that especially when he can never find his brush or comb.

I guess it's his hair though and his decision.  He will be 21 years old in May.  How old are they when mom's can no longer tell them what to do?


  1. Even though you chose option 3 for Saturday, you made up for it, I'd say!
    I'm not fond of Daylight Savings because I don't like sunset being so late.

    1. I am having trouble getting to bed at a decent hour because I think it's still early when it's not! lol

  2. The dentist and a haircut? I can't do both of those with my son in the same day. Jacob has to be sedated when he goes to the dentist, and if a hair gets in his mouth, he'll puke. And kids are never too old to be told what to do by their mothers. I'm 33 and my mom will call me up and still boss me around. But it is kinda comforting.

    1. we did the dentist appt and that was it because we had to take the cat to the vet. I've mentioned haircut but I don't think it's happening this time. The Boy is doing much better at the dentist now but I still have to be in the same room with him. He won't go back alone and he usually won't talk to anyone. Most of them tease him gently about not talking to them. He likes it and sometimes will talk to them.