Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Best Attempt Yet!

Yesterday I made an attempt to eat healthy all day, to make sure I got all the proper servings in each food group with very little sugar.  I felt great all day!  I don't know if I really physically felt better or it was more of a mental thing since I knew I was eating healthy so for sure I was feeling better.  Right?

Who knows for sure but this is what my attempt looked like:

1.  Cup of coffee in the morning first thing!

2.  Balance Bar on the way to the gym.  This is the one item that probably has too much sugar, but it does have many other things that are healthy and it gives me energy for my workout. I eat one just about every morning before I workout.

3.  Green Smoothie with protein powder, kale, cilantro, flax seed, banana, pear, almond milk, cranberry juice, spices, honey and whatever else I may want to throw in for lunch.  I think that's everything.

4.  Bowl of oatmeal with a splash of Almond milk, honey and cinnamon because I was craving it. This I considered lunch part 2 and a cup of green tea.

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5.  Red seedless grapes and a slice of Vermont cheddar cheese with reduced fat crackers evening snack

6.  Glass of red wine

Notice no cookies or anything bad or unhealthy in all the above items?

And then for dinner, even though it's March and he's declared it healthier eating month, the Murph has a craving for pizza so he orders one and added an order of cinnasticks just for me even though he ate half of them.


7.  Pizza and cinnasticks for dinner! And it was almost 10pm, which is kind of late for dinner.

Those two very bad things canceled out all the healthy foods I had earlier in the day. My healthy heart and arteries suddenly became very clogged and unhealthy.

 My taste buds were extremely happy though.

I can't even make it through one day with totally healthy eating.  And to be honest, the only reason I didn't have any cookies was because we were totally out of them because I ate them all earlier in the week.

Don't even ask how I did today because it was grocery shopping day and the bagels and cookies have been replenished.  I'll start over in a few days and try again when I'm out of cookies.  Hopefully the Murph won't get any pizza cravings either.  I can't turn down pizza or cinnastix.


  1. So many temptations...That just makes it harder when someone decides to order pizza!

    1. Especially when your starving from eating so healthy the rest of the day!

  2. lol. You were doing well until the late night dining, but I too enjoy food at all hours of the day. I'm not worried about my health just yet, but soon enough I'll have to watch my cholesterol and sugar. I don't think I willbe running any marathons though.

    1. You will know it when the time comes when you have to watch those things, especially on the sugar part. After 40 you will see!

  3. The green smoothie and glass of red wine were probably the healthiest things on the list. The pizza make me soooooooo hungry

    oxoxox from San Francisco

    1. The pizza was delish but I think I do love the smoothie and the wine better. I feel so great after drinking both of them! Just never at the same time! :)