Friday, March 15, 2013

Crazy Week!

This week has been a busy one around here, getting the house cleaned up and ready to be shown. We've had several calls with people interested and wanting to see it, but we have stuff everywhere. The truck came by today to pick up round one and take it off to a local charity. Round two will happen next week after my family looks through the other stuff and get what they want of it.

The Boy has been home from college for spring break and has been very disagreeable. He started the week not wanting to do anything, not even change some light bulbs in his bedroom, but has gotten better as the week went on. He has all his computer stuff ready to take over to his dad's house and store for now and all his laundry has been washed and folded and ready to go.  He heads back to school Sunday.

The Boy's old car, the one that has been sitting neglected in the driveway for two years now, is going to have to be stored at his dad's house. We got someone over to start it and as we were letting it run so the battery would charge large clouds of smoke started coming out from under the hood. It looked like it was on fire so the Murph panicked and called the fire department. Looks like it was just the radiator and steam, not smoke, but it was very scary! We have the battery hooked up to a battery charger now, but who knows what will happen when we start it again. I'll just be glad when it's out of here! The Boy actually washed it today. His dad ordered him to clean it up if it was going to be stored in his garage until they find a buyer.

Good luck with that!  We've found two buyers, but the Boy didn't want to sell it at such a low price.

I had a pretty hefty vet bill when I went to pick up Phantom. We still don't know exactly what caused his problem, but he has a heart murmur and is on a diuretic and on special food for his GI issues (vomiting). The two possible issues are a virus or a heart worm that died and his body is getting rid of on it's own. Hopefully, his heart will get stronger and this was just some random thing.

The carpet cleaner guy came to clean the upstairs today and the electrician was here so the cats ran and hid all day. Cadence refused to eat breakfast and is not eating dinner so I'm worried about him now. It's dangerous for cats who don't eat all day, especially him because he's so tiny.

The electrician was cleaning the outside lights which had a bird's nest with several little eggs in it. The Murph was determined to clean the lights and get them working again, but I didn't want to disturb the birds. It had to be done though. The electrician felt bad too. He gave me the nest and I put it in a nearby bush that just happened to have an empty nest already in it, but I don't think the parent birds will find it. They were flying around all day looking in the light fixture for their nest that was no longer there.

Poor birds! I tried to take a picture after I put the next in the bush, but only got half of one egg and some weird looking rope that the birds had used to make the nest.

That's only the highlights of the week. We are all exhausted and still not finished.

I can't wait to get this all done and get to the coast. I need to de-stress!


  1. Moving is tough business. I hope things go well for you guys because I know how stressful things can get. But you'll be settled before you know it.