Monday, July 15, 2013

"Eat Papa! Eat!"

Saturday we came back to Birmingham with Phantom and the drive that is usually a 4 hour trip turned into 4 1/2 hours due to stop and go traffic on Hwy 65. Phantom slept most of the way and handled the trip much better than I did. I wasn't feeling well that morning and being in the car that long stopping and going, stopping and going, made me very car sick.

Luckily, I had a plastic bag from a recent stop at a convenience store handy. One wasn't enough, but I had a back up plastic trash bag that I had put the empty litter box in as well. Good thing I cloroxed the litter box before I put it in the plastic trash bag to transport, but it wouldn't have mattered. I was very sick! The litter box would have come out of the plastic bag, germs and all.

I wonder if I'm getting sympathy sickness for Phantom?

Even though he did great on the car ride, once we got to the house he went directly downstairs to his and the Boy's bedroom and went right under the bed where he stayed the rest of the night and most of Sunday. I finally bribed him out from under the bed with an offer to take him outside. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to stay on the front porch and I don't want him to get fleas, so he had to settle with a window seat next to the open window. 

Not as much fun, but better than being under the bed.

I also had a hard time getting him to eat and after almost two days I resorted to not just the two types of cat food and three kinds of cat treats, but pushed canned tuna, chicken, watered down milk, scrambled egg whites, pepperoni pizza.... ANYTHING! Just EAT!! Our favorite quote these days is the one on the Christmas Rudolf the red nose reindeer movie, "EAT PAPA! EAT"(here).  Nobody likes a skinny Santa!.   

A little Christmas in July, but that gets jokingly said a lot around here year round.

I sprinkle this feline vitamin and antioxidant supplement along with a few drops of milk thistle on his food. Ed and Cadence have been getting the vitamin supplement as well and their coats are getting all shiny and super fluffy. Wonder if it works at well on people?

image from

And I started giving Phantom a small amount of these Life Gold cat cancer drops to help him detox.

And no, he doesn't like them at all! I don't think they are bacon flavor enough to hide the other not so nice flavors.

Phantom is doing a little better today, although not eating enough.

And me?

Still not doing good. Maybe it's time for me to look into getting some herbal drops for humans. Hopefully, it will taste better than the feline kind. 


  1. I think you could be sick from the stress of what you're going through. I remember when I lost my dog, I didn't feel well for two weeks. I hope things work out for you, and I have my fingers crossed. Maybe you guys should go on a mini vacation to help unwind.

    1. You are probably right. My husband says I bring these on myself through stress. It also took me two weeks to start feeling normal after Boo died a year ago. Thanks for the sweet comment. We do have a couple of mini vacations planned for fall. Right now we are too busy with vet visits, trying to sell a house and getting my son ready for fall semester.

  2. There's nothing worse than being motion sick. Poor thing. Hope you and Phantom feel better soon.

  3. loving this!! xx