Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Me! Remember?

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Remember me?

The one who has sadly been neglecting her blog, her half ironman training and just about everything else as she does anything and everything possible to save a sick kitty. I've purchased new and miraculous herbal concoctions which Phantom, the sick kitty, hates. I have become a creative genius in hiding it in tuna, cat food, cat milk, etc to get him to eat it. When all else fails I get someone to hold him down (that would be my reluctant husband) while I syringe the awful tasting stuff down his throat.

He's been a good sport! Bless his heart! And his coat has become shinier and glossier than ever. He's the plushest he's ever been!

Our entire house smells of dead fish, probably something called "krill oil".

My husband is concerned by my sudden interest in potion mixtures and energy healing and has been calling me a "witch". How could he not when he sees me with all my vials of stinky liquid goodness. One of the concoctions has krill oil in it. I'm not sure what krill is, but I know it stinks and it is almost impossible to get the stinkiness off your hands when you accidentally touch it or squirt it across the room or all over your clothing or in the face of your spouse.

This is me. This is the part of me that being an autism parent has created over the years of being told "no", of being told something was impossible. Basically, being told to just give up. Don't even try.



This applies to autism cat parents as well.

If I had listened to all the negativity, my son may not have graduated with a regular high school diploma. He may not have gotten into college or done all the things he's done over the years.

If I had listened to all the negativity, I would never have thought I could finish an Ironman, much less two.

If I had listened to all the negativity, who knows what condition my family pet might be in right now. Probably not purring and begging for food or chilling out to his favorite jazz cds.

Yes, the Murph has figured out all Phantom's favorite jazz cds and plays them in the evening just for Phantom's listening pleasure.

Who knows what the future holds, but never listen to the negativity. Think positive thoughts only, no matter what!

We've even called on an energy healer that we met at a restaurant in Pensacola Beach a couple of years ago. She "healed" the Murph's chronic shoulder problem and helps patient's who are dealing with pain and cancer among other things. She has worked miracles with people, so why not pets?

There's also the chemo drug, Palladia that I am still giving to Phantom every other day. He's become very adept at hiding the pills and spitting them out when I'm not watching. He's a sneaky one!

The yellow spot on his paw gave him away the other day.

We couldn't figure out where the spot came from until I took a closer look at his mouth. His entire tongue and mouth were stained yellow as well as his teeth from the yellow chemo pill. He had somehow hidden it in his mouth even as I was giving him the blue pill. Then he went into his bedroom, spit out what was left of the pill (about half) and came smugly back into the family room.

He was busted by the paw stain!

At the moment he is doing great! A huge turnaround from a couple of weeks ago. In a couple of days we take him back to Auburn for more blood tests. The Murph and I will probably have to kill time visiting an arboretum or something while Phantom gets poked and prodded again. As long as he keeps getting better, I'm all for a "tour of Auburn". We'll probably be exhausted as usual when we get home. Those museums and arboretums can really take it out of you. Wine and vodka helps.

One day we will be back to normal. One day our house will smell all floral like again. One day I'll get my 5k time under 23 minutes, do a 50 mile bike ride and swim a couple of laps in the pool and be ready for my upcoming Fall triathlons. One day I'll wear fashionable clothing that doesn't have krill oil stains, take some pictures and Friday will be Fashion Friday again. One day, fingers crossed, our cat will kick cancer's butt.

But for right now, this autism parent is on a mission....


  1. You keep doing everything you can to help Phantom. I hope he can kick the cancer in the butt. It sounds like he's doing better. I hope when you go back to Auburn you'll get some good news. Iknow he would appreciate what you are doing for him.

  2. This post is actually very inspiring. :)
    I'm glad Phantom is doing better.

  3. That Phantom is pretty sneaky, but good for you that you noticed his trickery. Hopefully, things get better. I never thought about it before, but being an autism parent does give you inner strength. The type of strength that when we hear something is impossible, it just makes us want to do it.

    1. Yes it does Jim. It also makes us a little crazy!