Friday, June 28, 2013

Fashion Friday- Mismatched Swimsuits Seems To Be A Trend This Summer

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The trend I'm seeing all over the beach this summer is mismatched swimsuits. I have never seen it more popular than this season. I didn't think I would ever be a fan, but I have to admit, when it's pulled off correctly, it can be very cute and fun. It's a great way to express your individual style and bring new life to last years swimsuit styles. You can pair fun new tops with your old bottoms from last year and vice versa.

Today I tried to pull it off by mismatching some of my pieces, but I just couldn't seem to get it right. After a few tries I gave up and put on my matching solid pink top and bottoms. I don't know if it's just not me (I'm just a boring, matchy kind of person) or I just didn't put the correct pieces together. I'm pretty sure my leopard print bottoms would be a no no with my hot pink top. I'm going to keep working on it until I come up with some mismatch that looks good and not like I got dressed in my sleep.

I put together some looks below that I think would go together. The following are some basic guidelines I've seen out on the beach and by the pool that seem to work together.

1. A solid color top with print bottoms in a complimentary color and vice versa.

2. A print top or bottom paired with a solid color bottom or top in black or white or a color that matches or compliments a color in the print piece.

3. Be careful putting different prints together. This requires much skill that I would never attempt but I've seen one gal that pulled it off. (Note: she was very young that's probably why she could pull it off)

4. Think about scale of the print and balance. No skimpy tops with full coverage bottoms. (just go skimpy!) 

Just joking on the skimpy part! There are really no hard and fast rules. Just be creative and go with what looks good on you and works together.
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This one is really cute although I would match the bottoms to a color that is in the top. I don't see any of that shade pink in the top, but it's still cute.

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I like this top with the blue bottoms, but I would go with pink bottoms. Either would work. Orange too.
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I love both of these combos, especially the fringy top.

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Find mix and match swimsuits from Victoria's Secret here

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Are you mismatching your swimsuits this season? What works for you and what doesn't?


  1. Clearly it must be summer since we are all blogging about bathing suits. I love the mis-matched look. Such casual chic :)

    1. So true! I can't believe it's July already!