Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Is What Happens When It Rains For 5 Days Straight Forcing You To Rent Movies...

Last week I felt bad for all the vacationers who came here to celebrate the fourth of July holiday in hopes of getting some time on the beach or at the pool. I'm sure they didn't expect the rain, all day, for several days straight. I've never seen so much rain in July that lasts all day, for several days straight. Afternoon storms that blow in and leave quickly are common, but not what happened last week.

Although there were some hard core people who were on vacation( dang it ) so they were determined to hangi out by the pool and on the beach no matter what, downpour and all! I actually saw some rather fool hardy people who refused to leave the hot tub even though there was lightning directly over their heads with thunder so loud I was even a little hesitant to step out on the balcony to quickly snap this photo.

Don't worry, they survived the thunderstorm and left the hot tub as soon as the storm moved off. What fun is a hot tub with no lightning in the vicinity? I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little alcohol involved in their rather reckless behavior!

One day the Murph and I were getting a little restless ourselves from being cooped up in the condo so much. After working out at a different, not so crowded gym, we headed over to Krispy Kreme to pig out on doughnuts and coffee. When we got back home we decided to watch a movie. We decided on Les Miserables since we hadn't seen the new movie version yet.

It was great! We both loved it, but bad things happen when we watch these musical movies. Songs get stuck in our head. For many days. And drives me nuts!

For the past several days I've heard the Murph going around the house singing a song from the movie, Master of the House and one other marching song that they sang during the revolution. The Murph really doesn't even know the words to that one, but never mind that, he makes them up as he goes along!

While I've pulled up all the Les Mis songs I have in my Itunes and have now gone from 2 to 10,000 plays on the song below.  I'm staying away from any other of my Itunes songs that involve musicals to avoid getting any more of them stuck in my head.

This isn't as bad as the time we went to see La Cage Aux Folles on Broadway and for months I had the song, We Are What We Are, stuck in my head. If you're not familiar with that song you will have to look it up yourself because I'm not taking the chance of getting it stuck in my head again.

It was very exciting when the sun made an appearance for most of the day Tuesday.

Beach Day! Finally!

I thought yesterday would be a repeat of Tuesday, but after less than an hour on the beach, suddenly storm clouds blew in and covered the sun. Thunder. Lightening. The usual. All the people who had tents set up had to hastily take them all back down again.

And today? Clouds, as usual.

Which movie to watch next?


  1. Les Mis is my favourite play of all time. I saw it in Toronto years ago and it blew my mind. And the songs are pretty memorable. But don't tell anyone I like the theatre, because I'm a longshoreman after all.

    The weather has been rough around here too, with lots of flooding and extreme heat. Hopefully your training will get back on track soon. Oh, and I love Krispy Kreme.

    1. It is a great play with lots of great songs. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone you're a Les Mis fan!

      Krispy Kreme is my favorite doughnut.