Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Falling A Little Behind Again On Training, But Not Too Bad

My weekly comparison of my half ironman training is below. The column to the left is what the plan says to do and the column to the right is what I actually did last week. Not as good as the week before but not too terrible either.

  The 70.3 Plan                                                              What I actually did that day

Monday           1250 yd swim                                          1250 yd swim
                         25 mile bike                                             22 mile bike

Tuesday           2000 yd swim                                          6 miles spin bike
                          60 min run                                               30 min run = 3 miles

Wednesday      30 mile bike                                             2 miles run aprox 20 minutes

Thursday         1500 yd swim                                          8.5 miles on spin bike aprox 30 min                             
                          50 min run                                               5 mile = 50 min run

Friday               20 miles                                                  8 miles spin bike = 30 min

Saturday           80 min run                                              16 mile spin bike = 1 hour
                                                                                           30 min run = 3 miles

Sunday             50 mile bike                                             1 hour 40 min run = 9 miles

I did core, about 20 minutes last week and weights, about 1 hour which is not included on the 70.3 plan.

Total workout hours on plan = Swim           5750 yds aprox 3 hrs 
                                                   Bike             125 miles aprox 6 - 7 hours
                                                   Run              3 hrs (no mileage included in plan on minutes run)

                                                     Total aprox 12.5 hours

Total I actually did last week = Swim             1250 yds aprox 30 min
                                                   Bike               60.5 miles aprox. 4 hours
                                                   Run                20 miles aprox 3 hrs 30 min
With weights and core added. 
                                                     Total aprox  10 hrs

As usual I am way behind on swimming, a little ahead on running and somewhat behind on the bike, but not too terribly behind. I really need to get a 50 plus bike ride in and a 2500 yd swim in soon and continue with my regular training. I think I'll be okay if I can do that. Especially if I continue to increase my long runs in preparation for the November marathon I plan to do.


  1. Wow. That's a lot of training, because on Monday, I went swimming with my son, and even though I only lounged in the shallow end, I was still exhausted.

    But I'm sure you'll get things on track in time for the event, and if not you'll be in great shape. Keep up the good work.

    1. Swimming as much as the training plan says every week would be tough. I guess that's why I never get all the swims in that it says to do. I enjoy biking more and it isn't as tiring but it does take a lot of time. Running is the easiest to get in for me because it's less time consuming than biking and I enjoy it too.