Sunday, January 22, 2012


Should I just wrestle the boots out from under the cats??
I made the mistake of leaving my Ugg Boots in the living room where Ed and Boo like to hang out.  Now they've abandoned the pink chair in favor of my Uggs.  They've been on the boots for most of the weekend, at least it seems that way every time I go in there and attempt to put the boots away.   I'm sure the Uggs are nothing but hair balls by now.

I could tell you what our new name for these two are, but it's not very nice!
Boo even has his little Christmas doll nearby.

Hey!  Get off my boots!


  1. ha! bless their furry little hearts, they look so cozy. they've bonded with your uggs!

  2. omg!! they look so adorable..

  3. Thanks! They are almost 12 years old but still cuddle together like kittens. Cute!