Thursday, August 8, 2013

This Is Why I Need To Start Swim Training Again - Portofino Sunset Triathlon

I just finished triathlon number four of my racing season. This one was another Portofino Sunset Super Sprint triathlon. This was race number 8 in the 9 race series. You may remember I did race number 3 (or 4) on my birthday in May (Here).

These super short, fast races are perfect for a first time triathlete or for anyone who wants a great sprint workout or practice on transition skills.

I was hoping to finish in under 40 minutes, but that just wasn't going to happen today despite the absolute perfect weather. I must have gotten use to the heat and humidity because I didn't even notice it this evening.

The race is a 300 yard swim in the Santa Rosa sound behind Portofino Island  Resort, then a 7.5 mile bike ride followed by a 1.5 mile run. Below is Coach John from Team MPI telling everyone about the course. Know the course! He also had just told me I needed to get the Murph out of the transition area. Only registered racers are allowed in the transition area, even in small races like this one.

The Murph, being my number one athletic supporter, staff photographer, among other things which may or may not have to do with triathlons, was there taking pictures. He then turned around and took one of the coach. He took all these pictures and in between my swim and my bike, got a little work out in himself before taking the rest of the pictures at the finish.

Here are all the racers heading to the swim portion of the race. This race was full with 60 triathletes in all. The races in this series can have anywhere from 25 to 60 triathletes. The one I did in May had around 45 or so.

The racers were divided by race number. Race number 1 thru 30 started the swim first and then the rest of the numbers started a few seconds behind. (not sure how many seconds)

And we're off! The water was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. It can never be too hot for me, but I can't stand the cold! What I don't understand is where the stink comes from. Every time I swim in the sound I smell awful and can't get the smell out of my hair despite the expensive shampoo I use even though the Murph doesn't understand why I don't use drug store brand shampoos.

Expensive shampoo or not, it doesn't get that stink out! What is it? Fish poop? As a triathlete, I have done many swims in fish or duck poop. It never stops me from doing a race. It's just what we do.

Swim done. Running to the transition area to hop on the bike.

And look! I got a weird, alien Louis Garneau bike helmet and I'm all aero and stuff now! The photo is a little blurry because I'm going really, really fast. Probably.

I looked a little like a golf ball head from the front and the back was pointy. This pointy look makes you go faster on the bike. Yes, yes it does!

If you've actually done your bike training that is.

My finish time was 15 seconds SLOWER than my finish time the last time I did this race in May despite using my race wheels and my new aero helmet. My bike split was faster though and I could really tell the difference with the race wheels, especially going into the head wind. I'm sure my new helmet helped me slice through the wind too. I must have been slower in the the swim or the run or both.

Probably both.

I haven't been swimming much at all and even though I run a lot, I haven't done any fast runs only slower average or long runs. My asthma has been acting up, but I'm not using that as an excuse.

I only have myself to blame. Somehow I have to convince my stubborn brain that I NEED to get into consistent swim training again. I lost a lot of time on the swim portion of the race. My fault, I know.

I suck at swim training!

On a more positive note, I got a pedicure today and my toes looked great! They are a little sandy in this picture, but the color still pops! I switched from China Glaze Pool Party, which is a more coral- pink color, back to China Glaze Pink Voltage.

Never underestimate the importance of a good pedicure for triathletes who still have their toenails.

Even though I didn't reach my goal time, I still had fun and that's the most important thing.


  1. I am totally digging that aero bike helmut thingy. That, and the hot pink toenails.
    You did the swim portion in the bay, right? Well...that might explain the odd smell. I never did like getting in that bay water!

    1. The swim was in the sound (aka Intercoastal Waterway). The sound is in between Pensacola Beach and Gulf Breeze. The Bay is on the other side of Gulf Breeze in between GB and Pensacola. So you have Pensacola (mainland), the bay, Gulf Breeze, the sound, Pensacola Beach, then the gulf of mexico. Your aunts house was in Gulf Breeze toward the bay side. Across the hwy where Tiger Point is is the sound. If that makes sense! It's all salt water. It all has very large fish!

  2. (above to Mr. or Miss Odyssey) A Sound is different than a Bay.

    I swim in the SRS further east around Navarre and Mary Esther and it never smells. Must be something with the general area - could be anything.

    You did great - even with the tiny bit of slower time, you should be very proud of yourself!

    1. It's Mrs. Odyssey. lol

      The smell could be just me smelling like a wet dog after swimming, biking and running in the humidity too. All I know is my bike and I can empty an elevator full of kids in less than 2 seconds flat. All giving me very odd looks and I wasn't even wearing the alien helmet. :)

  3. I see. You were in the ICW... Gulf Coast humidity plus ICW cooties, ick! ;)
    Fairhope Supply Co, I'm aware of the difference, lol, having spend most of my life on/in/by the Gulf Coast and Caribbean waters. Just wanted to clarify.