Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nailed It Last Week In Training!

I had a really great training week last week and actually got several bike rides in on my tri bike and a few swims in as well. I almost nailed the training plan exactly!

Here's the comparison of what the training plan said to do and what I actually did:

                   The Training Plan                                                   What I Actually Did

              Yds/Miles                Time                                     Yds/Miles                 Time

 Swim     3500 yds                 1 hr 45 min                             2200 yds                   1 hr

 Bike       80 miles                  5 hrs                                         80 miles                  4 hrs 47 min

 Run       16 miles                  2 hrs 25 min                            16 miles                   2 hrs 40 min

Total Overall Times:          9 hrs 10 min                                                            9 hrs 27 min

Just about nailed it anyway! I am still a little behind on the swim yardage, but still plenty of time to make up for it. I was really happy with the bike time and mileage last week. Last week was the bomb but so far this week, I am behind again. I have been in the gym on the spin bike and it's a bit more intense workout on the spin bike. Even though I'm not getting the miles and time on bike in, I am still getting a good workout.

Also added to last week was another 52 minutes of weights/strength training, core and stretching which makes my total over 10 hours total workout.

Overall, not bad.

My quads were really sore today from doing weights yesterday and I didn't even get the hour run in or the bike ride in today. Today was running errands day. I've been trying to get our tax return transcript into the Boy's college financial aid office so they could finish processing it. I thought I had taken care of this months ago, but apparently I don't know the difference between a transcript and a 1040 and the university sends emails to the Boy and not me. Even when I found out they needed this transcript I called and thought I had already sent it in. Nobody returned my call and eventually weeks later I found out there is a difference in what I sent in and what they needed. This is the first time they have ever asked for a transcript and he's almost a junior now.

Go figure!

I couldn't get the transcript pulled up online through data retrieval. Oh no, that would have been just too easy! We drove over to our local IRS office and got there at 11 am. Apparently this is too near lunch time and so I would have to wait and take a number, but numbers weren't given out until 1 pm! The battery on our car died so we were stuck at the office anyway. I called the IRS one more time and stayed on hold for over 30 minutes before I talked to an actual person who could mail me a transcript. Thirty minutes was shorter than the 2 hour wait I had just to get a number for probably an even longer wait.

Since roadside assistance got to us by 12, I decided not to wait the extra hour for a number and just wait for the stupid transcript to get mailed to me so I could than get it to the Boy's school so they could than process his financial aid.

This is one of the reasons why this weeks training is not going as good as last weeks did.

It would just be too perfect if all I had to do was swim, bike, run, eat, sleep repeat. No dealing with the IRS or dead batteries or any of those troublesome distracting life things.


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