Friday, August 2, 2013

Special Needs Ryan Gosling - Week 1

Once again Sunday Stillwell from Extreme Parenthood has started another round of Special Needs Ryan Gosling memes.

Adventures in Extreme Parenthood

I decided to play along this week even though I'm not feeling very creative. Actually, most of my memes really, really sucked last go around, but it's fun to link up with other special needs parents who are just about as mentally exhausted as I am on any given day. I was even more exhausted when the Boy was younger and have it much easier these days. Ha!

So here goes...

That's all I have for this week and I hope I spelled everything correctly. It's 50/50 at this point. Maybe next week I'll be more creative and spell check better.

Don't forget to head over to Sunday's blog to view more of these memes from some very creative, talented, extraordinary and incredibly hot autism parents.

Oh yeah, then there's Ryan.