Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jelly Face

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When the Murph and I first started living together we discovered the need to compromise when it comes to the food that was allowed in the house. What this means is I have to compromise or be accused of not being a team player. I have a little bit of a sweet tooth and tend to snack. The Murph doesn't like having any temptations around because he says he has a slow metabolism and doesn't need to eat certain things.  His list of things to never have in the house include ice cream, jelly, donuts, potato chips, cream cheese, pies, cakes, most kinds of cookies and candy.

I have compromised for the most part and have actually started eating better myself. I now satisfy my sweet tooth mostly with yogurt, fruit, and certain not so sweet and buttery cookies such as a bag of dried up. cardboard tasting animal crackers. No more almond pillow cookies.

Needless to say, last month when the Murph went to take care of his dad in New Jersey, I went all out crazy at the grocery store. One of the first things (other than donuts) I got was jelly. I had suffered with peanut butter and no jelly sandwiches for far too long.

Unfortunately, I couldn't eat the entire jar before the Murph got back home so the jar has sat in the refrigerator and I've been able to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and jelly on toast and jelly on bagels. Heavenly!

There were a couple of episodes where the Murph threatened to throw it in the garbage, but I managed to salvage the precious jar. I was "making it last" because I knew I wouldn't be able to manage to get another jar into our shopping cart at the grocery store. I've tried sneaking things in by putting them under the napa cabbage and the bag of kale, but the Murph always manages to sneak them back out by the time we get to check out and my search for it in the shopping bags after we return home is futile. My goodies are gone!

I knew how valuable this jar of jelly was so I tucked it away behind my bottle of wine and Mike's Margarita's in the fridge door. It was safe... for a while.

Then it happened! The other day after spinning in the gym, doing weights followed by a very steamy 4 mile run, I was hungry. A green smoothie was not going to hit the spot that day. I was craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I was so happy because I knew I still had half a jar of jelly left. I was "making it last."

The only problem was that when I opened the fridge, the jelly was missing! It wasn't hidden behind the adult beverages anymore! I asked the Murph if he threw my jar of jelly away and he said "nooo". I asked him where my jar of jelly was and he said "I don't know".  After a thorough search of the fridge, I KNEW he had done something to the jelly so I asked him if he ate my entire jar of jelly. That's when he finally admitted to doing something to my jar of jelly and said "there wasn't that much left in the jar. I had a sandwich and used what little was left". 

I don't really know if this is true and he really ate the jelly or if he just threw the jar away because he was tempted to eat it. All I knew was my jelly was gone and he was the culprit!

Over half the jar was left!! He ate or disposed of it and didn't tell me and now I can't get another jar of it because he doesn't like it in the house because when it's in the house he's out of control. He can't "make it last" so I have to suffer. It's not so much the jelly he doesn't like in the house, it's that he likes peanut butter and jelly too much. It's not the cream cheese he doesn't like, it's the bagels and cream cheese he likes too much. The only reason why bagels are "allowed" is because there is no cream cheese and who likes dry, plain bagels, but me.

This was my look when I realized my jelly was gone and there wasn't going to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for me that day. 

I also look that way when I'm hungry and I was very, very hungry that day. Don't mess with me when I'm hungry!

Of course the Murph laughed and said "Whaaattt?" and now whenever I have "that look" on my face he says "Don't give me that jelly face!" or he sometimes just calls me "jelly face". Somehow I have to learn how to outsmart him in the grocery store and learn how to hide things better.

In the meantime the Murph suggested that I just put honey on my peanut butter sandwiches which is totally not the same as jelly. Not the same at all!


  1. If I were to take all the stuff you mentioned in your post, out of our cupboard, they would literally be empty. I guess I'm lucky that my wife understands that I love to eat. After all, I didn't get this big eating just lettuce.

  2. Honey and peanut butter are great together on a sandwich! Or how about a banana and peanut butter sandwich...