Thursday, April 12, 2012


oh the indignity!
This morning the landscaper guys came to clip all the bushes in the front of the house and put pine straw around the natural areas in the yard.  The car wash guy came at the same time and washed all the cars, except the Boys car (I washed it over the weekend) and the car that the Girl is using until her car gets out of the shop.  During all this, my brother pops in to say hello.  He was in the neighborhood.

I don't know why, but my brother is totally fascinated by our Phantom, psycho terrorist cat.  I think he comes over just to look at the cat.  Amazed.  How can a cat be that large?  During Christmas, he came over and said Phantom was "out of his frame".   Phantom is a big cat and he's also very fat, but he would be big even if you took the fatness away.  He's big boned.

My brother has a chihuahua that's about as big as one of Phantom's paws.  One smack of those deadly claws and that dog is history.  My brother is very protective of this little dog who he named Sassy, so I don't get to see her much.    She's not allowed around Phantom.  What's so funny is Phantom is terrified of Sassy.  Last time he brought her over (which was one of the ONLY times), she ran my cats under the bed and they didn't come back out until she left.  They don't like her at all.  She thinks she's much bigger than she really is.  When my brother first found her abandoned in the middle of the road several years ago, he wasn't even sure she was a dog.  She was so tiny it was hard to tell.  

Phantom follows me around everywhere now that the Boy is away at school.  I think the cat is lonely.  I've noticed he's put on even more weight.  My friend S ( )shared this video today on my Facebook wall.  It's a video about Henri, the Existential cat.  She said the look on this cat's face reminds her of Phantom in my pictures of him.  I agree!

video by Will Braden

Henri and Phantom would make great friends, sitting around and moping and complaining.  This could go on for days when inevitably one would get mad at the other and then somebody would get popped on the head with a paw or bitten on the butt.  That would be the end of that friendship.

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