Monday, January 23, 2012

All Laced Up

Today I wore these new Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots since my Uggs have been occupied and turned into a cat bed and are now covered in cat hair.  I really like these boots, but I have to say I have been very spoiled with pull on type boots (such as the Uggs and my cowboy boots) and it was a job to lace these babies up.   Phantom didn't help matters either as he tried to chase the laces and chew on them as I struggled to get them laced up.  I almost lost a couple of fingers with those fat paws and sharp teeth coming dangerously close.   Lacing these boots up would probably be much easier without the Jazz cat's help, but oh well,  he was having fun and I still have all my fingers and no scratches.

After all the trouble to get them laced up, I have to say they are really starting to grow on me.  They are really super cute and versatile since they are two-toned ( black and brown) and a great alternative to my Uggs and the cowboy boots.  Ken isn't all that crazy about my cowboy boots, but I do love my red ones.    
He only called me "prairie girl" twice, but thinks they are just too much trouble to get on and off.  (He saw me struggling to get them on with the help from Phantom).  They are very comfortable though and even fit well over my large calves, which are very muscular due unfortunately to way too much running and biking.  Once laced up, these boots are decidedly on the way to my fave list.


  1. I really like the boots they will go good with my new Trench Coat...But they would probably fall off of my skinny legs...LOL

  2. i have always had a dangerous boot obsession. your boots are awesome and will go with nearly everything. great choice! my ann demeulemeester lace-up sandal boots are not too much trouble to get on/off but they're ankle boots.

  3. I wore the boots again today and it was much easier to get them laced considering I had already laced them up yesterday and didn't unlace them all the way to get them off and Phantom (or any of the other cats) weren't around to attack the shoe laces. I LOVE them!