Thursday, November 17, 2011

The $800 Water Bill?!?!

We have only been home for two days and today get a water bill for over $800.  WTF!  The Murph called the water and sewer company and they told him to go to the meter on the street to see if it was spinning.  If it was, then that meant we have a leak somewhere.  First of all, we had no idea where the meter was so the water company lady had to lead the Murph to where it was suppose to be via cell phone.  He found it and yes, it was spinning.   This led to where the heck was the leak.  We searched the entire house listening for water leaking sounds but heard nothing.  In two days we have heard nothing, even at night when everything is off and it is quiet.

Finally, we discovered the leak was in the crawl space under the house.  There is a small lake down there right now.  An indoor pool!  We turned all the sinks and toilets off, but it was still leaking.  We couldn't really see where exactly it was coming from since it is dark and creepy in there.  My brother works for a plumbing company but by then it was so late he had already gotten off work and the company was closed. I was able to get him on his cell phone after about an hour.  He came over and was able to turn the water off by the road.  He said he thinks a pipe has busted out in the yard right before it enters the house so we have water flowing in under the foundation of the house.

Looks like we might now be facing a weekend with no water if it isn't an easy fix tomorrow.  Also, we missed a concert that we were suppose to go to this evening.

Luckily, my house hasn't sold yet so we can go over there for showers.  It's empty, but the water works!  It will be a great opportunity to clean the attic and the basement out.  I have a lot of junk!

Welcome home!  Ugggg!

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