Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fire Alarm and the Jazz Cats

For the second time since we have been living in the condo, the fire alarm went off.  The last time it went off it was a false alarm.  We had just officially moved in with the jazz cats.  We can't use the elevators when the alarm is going off, so we were faced with leaving the cats in the condo and hoping it was once again only a false alarm or putting the cats in the carrier and hauling then down 17 flights of stairs.  Yes, we have 17 floors to walk down with or without the cats when we can't use the elevators.  I wasn't leaving the cats. 

This afternoon the alarm kept going off for what seemed like forever.  First the loud noise and then the recording telling us that an emergency has been reported in the building and to stop everything and get out. Do not take the elevators.  Once again I tell the Murph I am not leaving without the cats.  We look at each other trying to decide what to do and then the Murph goes out on the balcony to check for smoke and I go out in the hallway looking for the same.  All the doors to the elevators are closed and lights or flashing.  We don't see any signs of smoke so we wait for a few minutes.  I get my shoes on and touch my makeup up (of course) just in case we have to leave.

The alarm continued going off so we went out on the balcony again and look down to see several residents that have obeyed the alarm and are out in the parking lot freezing.  It was very cold and windy outside today.  Even the Murph looks nervous at this point so I get my jacket on and get one of the cat carriers out of the closet.  Cadence and Phantom are still out, looking confused but not too scared.  The last time the alarm went off the cats ran and hid and I couldn't even find them.  The Murph and I decide it's time to go ahead and load the cats up when the alarm finally stops after what seems like forever, but was probably only 15 or 20 minutes.

We go back out on the balcony just in time to see the fire chief truck leaving the complex and moments later the recording comes on saying it was a false alarm and we can return to the building. 

 Something else to think about when we decide where to live full time.  The view is awesome up here but the fire alarms are a little scary.  Hauling 2 cats down 17 flights of stairs (and one weighs about 20 pounds) not so much fun.  Luckily, it was only a false alarm again.


  1. the condo management needs to get that fixed asap!
    my friend kim and her dog had a similar experience in the montreal hotel this alarm at around midnight. was a false alarm. i'm glad i was staying down the street at another friend's place instead of that hotel.

  2. They say they are working on it. Whenever moisture gets into the parking deck fire box thing it sets it off.