Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Boy, The Beach and the Midnight Calls

I haven't done any Asperger posts lately because since The Boy went back to school I haven't heard from him much.  No midnight calls telling me he has bed bugs, or all his classes being canceled because of lack of payment (which they had been paid btw), nothing to eat in the cafeteria so he's hungry,  he has 2 papers, 3 tests and a project all due the next day and he needs help NOW or just to tell me he's bored.

It's midnight and he should be asleep, but he's awake and bored and just wanted to make sure I was aware of that fact.

All was quiet until it wasn't.  The first week he needed help on a paper, but what he REALLY wanted was for me to write it for him because he had another one to write.  Then the next week he decides his 2 year old laptop wasn't powerful enough and he needed a new one that was lighter weight and more powerful.  He's decided I could have his old one.  How sweet!  Then the kicker was the call where he needed money for rent because his dad bailed on him that month.

Most of those calls were at a reasonable hour until the midnight call last night.

I still don't know what that call was about.  An emergency was ruled out right away.  He was all caught up on his papers and assignments and there wasn't much I could do about the money situation right now.  I asked him what was up and he said, "nothing."

That was it.

Most of our 30 minute conversation was about "nothing".  I think he must have been returning my earlier call to him.  It has happened before.  I call him around 1 or 2 in the afternoon and he returns the call at his favorite time.  Midnight.  I don't mind midnight calls so much, but Cadence doesn't like them one bit!  The entire time I'm trying to talk to The Boy, Cadence is up on the kitchen counter (a no no!), meowing LOUDLY in my face, letting me know that it's way past his bedtime and he can't go to bed unless I'm there so he can use me as his human cat pillow.

These midnight calls are one reason I can't wait to get moved closer to The Boy.  And it's finally happening!  We are cleaning the house out and getting it ready to put on the market here in Birmingham and moving down to the beach.  Instead of 4 hours away from The Boy, we will only be a little over an hour away.  We've been planning this big move part 1 for a long time now.  The big move is set for April so March is going to be busy packing up things, getting the house on the market and getting the cats moved down to the coast and settled in.

They were very comfortable at the beach a couple of years ago when we lived there during the fall months when The Boy started school nearby, but now we will have Ed with us too.  Three cats!

Depending on how long it takes for the house to sell and finding jobs or other business opportunities will determine where our next move part 2 will be.  Atlanta?  Tampa?  New Orleans?  Somewhere in Texas?

For now I am just really thrilled to be finally moving closer to The Boy.

Having this view is a huge plus too!

The above picture is of The Boy on the balcony a couple of summers ago as we were anxiously awaiting his final ACT scores to see if he would get into the college of his choice.  I was on the ACT site every hour to see if the score was out.  The minute they posted and we saw he had a high enough score we called the university and headed that way for a tour and a meeting with the admission counselor.

After being turned down the first go round because he was one point too low on his ACT score, he was approved for admission on the spot with an ACT score that was 2 points higher than what he needed to get accepted.  I am so glad he stuck it out and didn't give up!


  1. Texas! We have beaches and jobs.

    1. So true! There are tons of jobs in Texas it seems.

  2. I am so excited for you! I can see my son when he gets older do those midnight calls and I suspect he misses you maybe? I don't know. I just know I'm glad you're getting a chance to move and be closer to him. That is awesomely good news!!!

  3. I think he does miss me around midnight. Just not the rest of the day cause he must be too busy! I am very excited! Wish I were already moved!