Monday, June 4, 2012

How The Queen and I Are Alike. Really!

Yesterday after running with the Running Nazi and Ms. Harry Potter, a trip to McDonald's to get a chicken biscuit since I couldn't get back inside the house without setting the alarm off, taking a short nap, and then going to the gym to do weights, I was exhausted.  I decided to take my new People magazine and go out by the pool to thumb through it and relax.

It's amazing all the important information found inside this magazine.  I mean REALLY important stuff!  I couldn't do without it every month.

I got hooked on People magazines a few years ago when I would read them while I was working out at the YMCA during the winter.  The YMCA always had the latest copy and it was fun looking at the fashion and catching up on my favorite actors and actress.  It was also therapeutic to read about somebody else's drama and realize my life isn't as screwed up as theirs.

Eventually, I changed Y's and my new one didn't have People mags, so I got a subscription mailed to the house.

When The Murph started seeing them come in the mail, he totally didn't understand.  He was a little embarrassed to have them in the house.  I always had to hide them before company came over.

That was then.  This is now.

Now, after I've read them, they "mysteriously" end up in the bathroom among The Murph's stash of Downbeat, GQ, and Muscle Fitness mags.  (GQ! ha ha!!) Sorry, don't know why I think that's so funny.

The latest bathroom stash below...

He won't admit it, but he enjoys reading them too.  He even fills me in on articles I might have missed.

This latest People magazine was full of pictures of Jessica Simpson's new baby girl, Maxwell Drew (she's a cutie) and pictures of the Queen's diamond collection in honor of her Diamond Jubilee.  As I was looking at the pictures of Queen Elizabeth II and watching all the celebrating on television later, it occurred to me how alike we are, The Queen and I.

No, really, we are!

There are actually several reason's why I think the Queen and I are alike.  Some of these are....

1.  We are both animal lovers (she has dogs and races horses, I have cats and lost some money in a horse race once)

2. We both love diamonds (Although The Queen has more than I do and her diamonds are real.  I just pretend mine are)

3.  We were both born Princesses (The Queen was born into a royal family.  The Running Nazi once said that I have a "Princess" personality.  She's also called me a big baby.)

4.  We love to wear tiaras (only The Queen can wear her tiara in public without getting weird looks)

5.  We both wear hats


 6.  We both have very loyal subjects

Another loyal subject.
See what I mean?  Very much alike!

There was also a picture of Jenny McCarthy with her clothes on promoting her new dating show.

Apparently, when she's not promoting giving bleach enemas to autistic children, she's in the Dominican Republic hosting "Love in the Wild."


  1. Wow, amazing similarities! And your subjects could not be more loyal. Look how they worship at your feet.
    Too bad you can't wear a tiara in public without getting weird looks. ;)

    1. Yes, they are very loyal. And I have kitty snacks.