Thursday, June 21, 2012

No More Sinus X-Rays!

This morning after working out I headed over to the local jack in the box doctor's office to get some relief for my coughing.  My head was about to explode, my neck was stiff and I had this really unpleasant dry, hacking cough.  My usual products weren't clearing it up one bit.

I am totally a baby and didn't want to go by myself so I convinced the Murph to stop over with me directly from working out instead of going home first.  I told him we would just see how crowded it was.  The lobby was almost empty when we walked in so the Murph was trapped.

I stayed and filled out all the paper work and waited to be called back.  I had already told the Murph that the last time I went there with the same symptoms,  the doctor made me get a sinus x-ray even though there was nothing wrong with my sinuses and I had told the doctor that.  I was coughing.  It was my lungs!

I hoped I would not get that same doctor.  It was the only time I had ever seen him and I have been to this place several times over the years.  Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky today.

They called me back and it was HIM!  Ugh!!  Before he came in the room, the Murph and I decided I was NOT getting any x-rays.   They were unnecessary, especially the sinus one.

Of course, the doctor didn't agree.  I explained to him my symptoms and the first thing he asks me was, "What about your sinuses?  Do you have any drainage?"  I knew where THAT was going!

Me, "No, my sinuses are fine.  No drainage.  It's my chest."

He listened to my lungs and they sounded clear.  This whole asthma thing is weird, but all I know is I usually need a steroid shot when I have these episodes.  That always clears it up and maybe some antibiotics to top things off.

The doctor decided I needed a chest x-ray and a sinus x-ray.  After a small debate, I gave in and went to get the x-rays.  The x-ray girl did 2 x-rays of my chest and was about to do the sinus one when she noticed I had hair pins in my hair, ear rings on, sunglasses on top of my head...  She told me I needed to take them all off.  I said "Look, I really don't need this sinus x-ray.  Can't the doctor just look at the chest ones and if there's nothing there then I will do a sinus one?"

She said, "I will call him.  We can't make you do an x-ray if you don't want one."

Heck no, I didn't want a totally unnecessary x-ray to my face.  And I was feeling like major crap by this time too.

The x-ray girl told me that the doctor said everything was ok and to go back to the room.  I went back to the room and the doctor refused to treat me or even look at my chest x-ray since I was refusing to do a sinus x-ray.  Once more I told him, "THERE"S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY SINUSES!"

I could go in with a bladder infection or some sort of other female issue and I can just imagine him saying, "Well that's all good, but first we are going to have to do a sinus x-ray."

Or I could go in with a foot fungus and he would still insist, "We are going to get an x-ray of those sinuses before I look at that fungus."

Or I could be giving birth and he would still say, "Hold that thing in until I get this sinus x-ray!"

What a doofus!  I have ZERO tolerance for doofus these days.

I was so sick and upset at that point and basically he was refusing to treat me and I was refusing to submit to a sinus x-ray so The Murph and I just left.  My chest was totally radiated for absolutely no freaking reason and I got no treatment at all.

I have already decided to file a complaint against this moron doctor.  I wonder how many sinus x-rays he subjects patients to in a day?  For no reason whatsoever!

The last time I went along with his sinus x-ray fetish, my sinuses were fine, of course (like I told him) and he gave me a steroid shot and some antibiotics and sent my on my way (which he could've done without the stupid x-ray).  Last time he didn't even x-ray my lungs and the entire reason I was there was for a cough and chest tightness.   And he x-rays my sinuses!!

In a weird backward sort of way, this kind of helps me understand what the Boy must be going through when he goes to the doctor and doesn't understand why the heck he has to be subjected to some of the things we consider "routine".

I don't know, but x-rays should NEVER be routine.  I understand the need for a chest x-ray for me with the symptoms I had, but not a sinus one.  I've been going to doctors with this same issue off and on for over 10 years and this was a first.  (well, second if you count the last time I saw this lame doctor).

I may or may not have called him a jerk off as I was going out the door.

And now my mom keeps emailing me asking how it went at the doctor's office.  I told her she doesn't want to know.


  1. I don't know what's up with the doctor? Is it because you have to pay for a sinus x-ray? Either way, no doctor should refuse treatment because you don't want your hed radiated. You should absolutely file a complaint of some kind. And I hope you feel better soon.

  2. My insurance pays for the x-rays. I just didn't feel like I needed it. I would have done it if he had just looked at the chest one and said he didn't find anything in them. He would have said the same for a sinus xray though. This doctor is really kind of strange.

  3. Lord in Heaven...If you don't feel like getting the x-ray, then what's the big deal? I can't stand when MD's forget to listen to their patients.....I hope you are feeing better soon.

    1. I just wanted him to look at the chest xray first because he's done this before with the sinus xray thing and there was nothing wrong with my sinuses then and there's nothing wrong now. He took offense that I was questioning him so he refused to even look at the chest xray. Very unprofessional! He's very creepy too btw.

  4. Grrr....!
    How annoying and weird.
    I'd go to another dr. at a different place. I'd definitely get a chest x-ray.

    1. I got two chest x rays, but he wouldn't even look at them since I dared to question him.

  5. Nice bedside manner that guy has! If a doctor wants respect they have to earn it and the best way to do that is to listen to your patient.

    I don't know what insurance you have, but you should definitely file a complaint with both the insurance company and the hospital he works for so at the very least you will not have to deal with him again.

    I hope you are feeling better!

    1. He works at a little walk in clinic near where I live. I will file a complaint. If this was the first time he wanted to do an x-ray on my sinuses when I didn't have a sinus problem I would have gone along with it like I did last time. Even though the entire time I was getting the sinus x ray last time I was thinking "what the crap!!". This time I just refused. He didn't appreciate it. Makes me wonder why he was so defensive.

  6. Ugh, I freaking hate jerkwad doctors!

    1. No kidding! He has issues! And now I'm still sick and going to have to go dumpster diving at the pharmacy in a desperate attempt for meds. He is the king of jerkwad!