Thursday, September 6, 2012

If Something Works, Don't Change It!

A few weeks ago I was out of my Obagi C Rx products that I use every day, so I went to Sephora and bought some Philosophy products that I was told would work very well.  You may remember that blog post here.

Well, while I did notice some firming and reduction of wrinkles, my face also started breaking out very bad.  My skin tends to be oily and apparently one or more of these new products was clogging my pores.

When I went to get microdermabrasion last week, my aesthetician took one look at my face and pretty much told me what I already knew...  it was a clogged mess!  Collagen breaking down and everything.

She told me I needed to immediately go back on my Obagi C products, not C Rx but the heavy duty Obagi Nu Derm shown above.   Since I am still anti-nu derm products because of the sheer number of products you have to use everyday ( I mean look at them all!), I agreed to go on them after the wedding.  Maybe.

She agreed that since I was accustomed to the Obagi C Rx system and it worked really well, that maybe I should stick with that system.  She also added the Retin A product that is key to building collagen (which she said mine was breaking down) and to clear out pores.  She reminded me 2 dozen times that my use of it was not protocol, but since I had used it before and made my own protocol, that I should be fine to use it temporarily outside of protocol.

She spent so much time doing extractions that I didn't even have time for a full microderm facial and am going back twice more before the wedding.  She assured me that my skin would be cleared up and in good condition by them.

I gave the Murph all my Philosophy products and he's been using them.  He has dry skin and has had no problem with then like I did.  He likes them.

I guess I learned my lesson.  Obagi C products do great on my skin without clogging so I better stick with what works.


  1. It certainly seems tough being a woman. I just apply some sunscreen moisturizer in the morning and I'm set. And the products that you're using seem expensive, but that's the cost to look younger I guess.

    1. The older you get, the more it seems to cost to look younger. I always underestimated the importance of collagen until I reached 40.

  2. I did the same thing and switched facial products on a whim and I broke out too!!! I ran back to Target and picked up my trusty old Aveeno and Oil of Olay and never looked back. Now I sound all old and frumpy!!!

    1. I love olay regenerist firming cream. I use it sometimes. I should try Aveeno. I'm trying to find things that work that are less expensive than Obagi but everything seems to not work or make my face break out. :(

  3. At least you're dealing with it now before it gets worse. Your skin always looks luminous and young.
    As we talked about yesterday, I am about ready to go back on Obagi C. That system worked great for me and I find these days I need some help again..
    Yes, getting older is expensive!