Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Plan Update

During our beach trip last week, we stopped by the liquor store on our way home.  Florida has a much lower tax on liquor so we decided to load up for the wedding while we were down there.    Even though we have an open bar for the actual wedding reception, we found out that doesn't include champagne.  That's what's in the boxes, champagne for toasting, not Jack Daniels.  Although you could probably get some very entertaining toasts if you use Jack Daniels, I'm a little more traditional.

As you can see I had a little furry visitor on the table exploring as I was trying to take pictures.  He was being very stubborn and not wanting to get down even though he knows the dining room table is off limits.

A little tail in this picture pointing at the Beefeater Gin box.

A little tail still seeming to point at the Beefeater Gin box.

Finally deciding to jump down now that he's within arms reach and he knows I'll get him.

Ed's checking out the other box that's on the floor.  Ed would never disobey the rules and jump on the dining room table.  He has better manners than Cadence.    This box had various other liquors, for the house since we will have a houseful of family members all weekend, including a brunch and a bar-b-que on Sunday after the wedding.

The house is still a mess and the carpets need cleaning, but we're prepared liquor wise.

I took pictures of my dress to the bakery that is doing the wedding cake.  She is going to match the sparkly design on the top and bottom of the dress to the top layer and bottom layer of the cake.  While there, I took advantage of the opportunity to purchase more cupcakes.  I got an assortment of different yummy flavors.  The blue one is still my favorite.

The bridesmaid dresses have come in and are the perfect fuchsia color.  My favorite color.  I love them!  I gave the Running Nazi her dress when I ran with her yesterday so she could get it altered if needed since she never gave me her measurements.  I don't know if she liked it or not even though she said she did.

 The Murph is now calling tux places so he can get measured for a tux.  We weren't able to get The Boy measured for a tux while we were in his college town and he won't be back home until right before the wedding.

Fortunately, since my ex husband (The Boy's father) just got married in May and The Boy was in his wedding, we were able to call that tux place and found out that they still had The Boy's measurements on file.

Yea!  Problem solved.  Now if we could just convince The Boy to get his hair cut.  He refused to get his hair cut for his dad's wedding.  That was almost 4 months ago and he still hasn't had a hair cut.  At this point I could just loan him a sparkly pony tail holder for the wedding.

Also, since the tux place is a nationwide chain, The Murph's brother, who lives in New Jersey, can get his tux at the same place.

Now we have to finalize everything with the music, florist, officiant, etc. and finish writing our vows.


  1. When I first saw the pics, I thought you were serving JD at your wedding. And it would make for an interesting night if you did, but I prefer champagne. I'm glad to hear that things are going smoothly with all the planning.

    1. I think the Jack Daniels box is cool. Not as cool as the Beefeater Gin box. I do prefer champagne for toasting though!

  2. Don't worry too much about a messy house and carpets that need cleaning. You have liquor! That is way more important. Cadence concurs.

    1. I guess with enough liquor nobody will notice or care about the cleanliness of the house. The carpets wouldn't be so bad if the cats would just stop puking up hairballs on them and shedding everywhere.

  3. You have smart cats!!! Liquor will fix anything. And those cupcakes look divine!!!