Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Lattes - The Jolt I Need When Finalizing Wedding Details

It's Fall which means Starbuck's has rolled out the pumpkin spice lattes!  I had my very first one of the season today in between meetings with our wedding vendors to finalize the details for our up coming wedding.  Only 9 more days!  I can't believe it's almost here!

I ordered these swizzle sticks to put in the signature cocktails.  French martini pink with a pink sugar rim around the top of the glass and gold swizzle sticks, since our colors are pink and gold.  I have the pink sugar, but am waiting on the swizzle sticks to be delivered.

We met with the photographer, florist, dj and the director at the country club where we are having the wedding.  It's very exciting!  The programs are being printed at the printer.  I want to have roses and ranunculus in the bouquets.  The florist told us that the week before last, they had ranunculus, but last weekend, no ranunculus.   I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will have some for the wedding.   I just love them!

And since I know how interested the blogging world is in my cats (yes, I know, not really), but here are some recent photos of Phantom doing his dead bug poses.

 Phantom trying to play footsies with me...

And one more The Murph took of Phantom and Cadence because he thought they looked so cute together peering out the window...

Just precious!

Which just proves that no matter what he says, The Murph does have a soft spot in his heart for very bad cats.


  1. We love your cat and how it lays around just like our dog. And I hope everything goes smoothly for the next couple weeks. I know your wedding will be great.

    1. Thanks Jim! My cats are experts at laying around!

  2. I will never try those fancy drinks. I would be addicted immediately. I knew it would happen if I ever tried cheesecake. But, those dang Golden Girls made it so appealing that one day I cracked. Now I love cheesecake. I know better now......

    I like your cats. They are cutie pies.

    1. The fancy drinks are addictive. I love them. Most people will drink wine though. I like sweet!

      I'm a little partial, but I think my cats are cutie pies too!

  3. Can't believe I'll miss out on those pink martinis..Rain check? ;)
    Phantom is very talented. How nice of him to show us his dead bug pose. He would make a great helper during yoga class.

    1. Definitely a rain check! I wish you could be here! It's gonna be a PARTY! I will send you a pink drink with a swizzle stick.

      Phantom can do the dead bug yoga pose extremely well now. He's had a lot of practice!