Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Car Keys and The Little Ninja Dog

I drove over to my mom's house, which is about a 30 minute drive, to pick her up and take her with me to the alterations lady.  I needed to try on my wedding dresses and my mom needed to take her dress to get altered.

When I got to her house she wasn't ready because I had gotten my times mixed up and was there thirty minutes early.  As she went to get ready, I sat down at her computer desk, which is right next to the back door.  The only things I had brought inside with me were my car keys and my cell phone.

As I waited, fighting off her very hyper little dog, Molly, who is small, but can jump higher than my cats, my mom brought a bag of hair clips downstairs to see if I wanted any of them.  They looked like the exact same ones she tried to pawn off on me back in the 1980's, so I did the same thing I did back them, I declined.  I don't have a need for leopard print bands attached to two combs or chopstick looking thingies.

Molly the ninja dog
She took the bag back upstairs with her and finished getting ready as I continued to fight off her little ninja dog.  I've learned to only wear pants or leggings at my mom's.  Never wear a dress because of little ninja dog's needle sharp claws.

The little ninja dog can jump right up a dress and scratch my legs all the way back down.  It hurts.  The dog can't be stopped.  If The Murph heard how many times I've complained to my mom about teaching her dog some obedience lessons and manners, he would laugh.  He thinks the same thing about my cats.  

When my mom was ready to go, I realized my keys were missing.  My cell phone was laying in the exact same spot I had put it, but the car keys were missing.  My mom and I started looking all around the desk where I had been sitting.  I even looked outside on her patio to see if maybe I had dropped them on the way inside.

I couldn't understand why I couldn't find them.  It was pretty easy to retrace my steps from my car through the back door to her desk.  I decided Molly, the ninja dog had done something with the keys.  I retraced Molly's steps, but for the most part she had been right there the entire time, jumping on me like I was a trampoline.

It crossed my mind that maybe, just maybe, Molly had swallowed the keys.  I didn't know how she could have done this without choking, but the way she was jumping around all over the place, who knows.  Since my car key is hands free, the kind that will open the locked car door if I just have the keys in my purse, I decided to carry Molly out to the car to see if I could open the door.  That maybe if the key was in her stomach, the car door locks would still be able to get the signal coming out of her insides.  

Didn't work, so I figured either Molly didn't swallow the key or the key signal wasn't strong enough for the car to pick up inside a dog stomach.

It had been almost 45 minutes of key searching.  My mom and I were hot and exhausted at this point.  I was starting to think something weird was going on at her house.  Either that or it had to be the one other culprit who was in the house. 

My mom.

I asked her where she put things when she mindlessly takes things upstairs with her when she's getting ready to go somewhere.

Answer:  Today it was in the retro 1980's style hair clips bag.


  1. LOL. I have a little dog that does the same thing. You have to be careful, because he'll tear your legs apart. And many 80's retro things are coming back into style anyway. Have you seen any kids wearing those fluorescent pink and green sunglasses? Weird.

    1. I haven't seen the pink and green sunglasses. My son never really liked wearing sunglasses at all. What is it with little dogs who jump all over you with their little sharp claws??

  2. Good thing they were not inside the dog.

    1. Yes it's a good thing! I don't think she could have swallowed that entire thing though. I've never tried opening a car door with a dog before.