Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Invitations and Lunch With Odyssey Home

I am back in Birmingham, back to the real world and I now have access to the cord that connects my camera to the computer.  Now I can download and post the photos from the trip and the ones prior to the trip.  These are the ones taken prior to the beach trip.

Before we left I picked up the wedding invitations from the calligrapher's and got them mailed out.

Ed was hanging out under the coffee table as I was taking pictures of the invitations.  This is one of his favorite spots.   There's Ed under the glass table top.

I also had lunch with a good friend, Odyssey Home  before I left.  She was back in town for her husband's grandmother's funeral.  While I waited for her to get to the restaurant, I took these pictures.  And threw some coins in this fountain.

We had lunch at Tavern on the Summit.  It just so happens to be the restaurant where I met The Murph a few years ago.  We immediately hit it off.  I thought he was very handsome.  We exchanged business cards.  He convinced me to go out with him. (it was REALLY tough- haha).  I made sure I had a chaperone for our first date (he was a stranger after all).  Later, The Murph joked that he wasn't sure if the chaperone was for me or for him.

As Odyssey Home and I were leaving the restaurant, I retraced my steps from the restroom through the bar area and showed her exactly where The Murph was sitting the night I met him.

This is Odyssey Home.  We were busy tweeting and instagraming at the table.  I think we were causing a bit of scene and disturbing a couple of old guys having lunch at the next table.  

I had chicken salad and she had Caesar salad.   And of course we took pictures and tweeted.  At least I tried to tweet, but for some reason (user error), I couldn't get my tweet to work.

Her tweets were working.  She's way more tweet savvy than I am.

After lunch, I headed home and The Murph and I left for the beach.  We had so much to pack with my bike and racing stuff and a bunch of things we had to take to The Boy at school along with our usual stuff (and I'm not a light packer), that I forgot to pack the camera cord.   As any blogger knows, this can be a very traumatic experience.

Luckily, I did have Instagram, so I could take pictures with my cell phone and tweet them after I finally figured out how all the buttons work.  I even figured out how to follow people on Instagram.  So hey, it wasn't a total loss!

I am posting all the race pictures and the beach pictures on another post.

I feel so much better already!!


  1. Every time we go on vacation, we cant wait to get back home. Even though home is where the stress is. And I dont tweet and I have no idea what instagram is. So now I have to look it up.

    1. I was glad to get home to see the cats although they were fine. We have a great kitty sitter. Pensacola beach is our second home so it's more homey than vacationey. This time of the year it's just great down there though. Our favorite time.

      You really should get a twitter account. You can use it to help promote your blog . I haven't really figured out the use of Instagram yet except you can take pics with your cell phone and post them to your twiiter or facebook acct really easily and people can follow you and see your pictures. I think I am finally getting use to it!

  2. You'll get the hang of it eventually. It took me months to really get twitter. Now I like it better than Facebook.
    Thanks for the mention! Of course we were causing a scene. That's just our style.. ;)

    1. I really like twitter now too. I like both for different reasons.

      We have always been good at causing a scene!